Second Hand Mojo have released their new video for the track titled ‘Good Vibes’. I have to admit that I have a secret soft spot for that ingenious feel good party in an earbud feeling vibe that Second Hand Mojo give.

SHM and their music give that feeling that you’ve arrived. Musically intricate with a sweet ‘welcome aboard’ way about it, ‘Good Vibes’ is a song that lets you forget about your shit day and just relax with a beer or a Sangria and quietly remember all the good things in the world.

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About Second Hand Mojo & ‘Good Vibes’

Second Hand Mojo, who always gives off a good time, rock ‘n’ roll party vibe, is Vern Springer (guitar, vocals), Chuck Riepenhoff (lead vocals) Scott Brokaw (percussion, vocals), MarQ Andrew Speck “Q” (keys, vocals) and James Hampton (bass, vocals).

Their new single, “Good Vibes” was a collaborative effort within the band Spinger says, “The lyrics I wrote are based on this concept: You hear commotion from afar, you can feel the energy from afar, you can’t see it yet, but you know there’s a party going on over there.”

The song talks about “Good Vibes” and good times, dancing, hanging out with your friends and family. So, for the video, Second Hand Mojo decided to throw a huge party for their friends and family. It’s a performance video, but with a cool twist!

Second Hand Mojo plays their shows to a diverse crowd, with a variety of bands to match including Jackyl, Brother Cane, Orianthi, Humble Pie, Sponge and Van Go Go to name a few.

What’s next for Second Hand Mojo? Everything from setting up more shows, writing new songs, recording and lining up festival shows to play.

Featured image by Jake Venter.