Gemïny has today released his new single titled ‘Creep’ from his upcoming electronic pop-funk album ‘Victoria’s Secret’, which is set to release next year.

The song is a cautionary tale drenched in the pristine cross-genres of pop and funk, with dashes of soul to add flavor. Written from experience and delivered with earnestness, ‘Creep’ skates the lines of originality with creativity and gives a signature artist that gateway into your soul. Fit for the stage and found for the heart, Gemïny has announced his arrival.

‘Creep’ tells the story of tragic star-crossed lovers in an abusive and traumatic relationship. The song details Gemïny’s experience with a stalker that was the result of a one night stand. This track became a way for Gemïny to take accountability for the decisions he had made that led to negative consequences; consequences he initially blamed on the other parties involved. He later found his closure in taking responsibility for his part.

About ‘Creep’

Gemïny has spoken of his experience with a stalker and saying that, “I don’t know how many of my listeners have been in stalker situations before, hopefully none, but that experience is traumatic.” He goes on to say that “at the time the first season of “You” had just debuted on Netflix. So not only do I have a young Jolena Goldberg following my every step, but I also have images in my head of her locking me up in some glass cage on the first floor of the Thomas Cooper Library, and as someone who believes in minimal studying the concept of being held captive on the dingiest floor of a library with no food… haunting.

Gemïny’s desire to capture that raw emotion in the track, gave him creative freedom with his vocal range. He utilizes a lot of unconventional vocal techniques that he says he wouldn’t view as traditionally “pretty” or pleasing.

Because the song is about an experience that has since haunted the singer, he thought it was only fitting to release it near Halloween. Produced by Tuomo Korander and Tommi Vatanen of BigBadBeats and mixed and mastered by Josh Florez and Jeremy Chua, Gemïny and his team took much of their inspiration from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during the creative process for “Creep.”

About Gemïny

Hailing from Raleigh, NC, recording artist Gemïny is a unique mix of raspy rock, smooth jazz and pop-soul that creates a sound distinctly his own. Before taking a brief hiatus from music, Gemïny studied music composition under John Fitz at the University of South Carolina. Gemïny returned to the music scene in 2020 where he began participating in freelance work recording hooks and background vocals for aspiring artists in hopes of raising money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Overtime, this grew into gig work in the local Columbia music scene where Gemïny performed as a background vocalist and pianist for a multitude of bands. With recordings reminiscent of a live show, every song feels like a page ripped from a classic love story; a redefined iteration of the Heartbreak Hotel.