Seth Adam has today released his new album titled ‘Fits and Starts and Stops’. In true songwriter fashion, we get the gamut spanning music that covers styles and crosses genres. Heavy on that diverse guitar and unique phrasing with original chord changes, Seth Adam builds a stage for his voice and lyrics in a true and masterful form. Taking nods from vintage radio and Americana, Seth douses that with the fuel of rock and the penchant for classic alternative. This is a lesson for songwriters.

About Seth Adam

Singer-songwriter Seth Adam writes compelling, honest songs with genuine lyrics, recalling the hard-won truths of the Counting Crows and Jason Isbell.

Hailing from New Haven, Adam was a fixture in several bands throughout his teens and 20’s before running with his given name and producing 3 acclaimed full-length albums, a live record and 3 EP’s. He hit his stride working with David Immerglück (guitarist from Counting Crows) who produced several of Adam’s tracks. He was subsequently Nominated for Male Performer of the Year (2016) and Songwriter of the Year (2017) at the New England Music Awards.

“Music has always been a source of catharsis,” Adam asserts. His natural inclination to tap into the American experience and where it’s headed was challenged when he sat down to write his new album, Fits and Starts and Stops. “I had to learn to trust myself more writing about uncomfortable topics,” Seth reflects. “I most definitely had to stretch into uncharted songwriting territories.”

Discussing American life in these shifting and unsteady times, Adam paints a haunting picture of incoherent circus-showmen and the social justice movements that threaten to upend such monkey business. “In many ways it’s a call to action,” Adam says. “I know we can work together for a brighter day after this storm.”

Fits and Starts and Stops is out 10.7.22, with full-band performances scheduled in New Haven, New York and beyond.

Featured image by Casee Marie.