1. SEKHMET Georgia Chanel 3:20

Making waves within the music scene, Midlands-raised, London-based Georgia Chanel has become a rising talent of note since making her debut in 2021, crafting a repertoire of genre-bending and multi-dimensional sounds, whilst nurturing this into her own style and identity. Georgia’s releases derive not only from her love for music but life experiences that have played a huge part in her new direction in her musical career.

After grasping the attention of listeners with an array of elevating and atmospheric releases over the last few years, Georgia Chanel prepares to enter a new era in her music career with renewed energy across her latest single ‘SEKHMET’ – a reference to the ancient Egyptian goddess of war and healing – offering powerful messages of resilience and simply having to walk away from a relationship to heal.

Opening with Georgia’s elegant and sophisticated soul-tinged vocals, ‘SEKHMET’ is a flawless and elevating affair. The vocals dominate the track whilst the heartfelt message behind this single takes her blossoming discography to the next level and effortlessly sets the tone of reflection, empowerment and growth after the tribulations of a relationship. It’s an undeniably alluring track which marks a new and exciting chapter in Georgia’s career and is destined to resonate with many listeners across different genres, whilst incorporating R&B, soul, pop and dance influences.

Hailing from a small town in the Midlands, blossoming artist Georgia Chanel’s story began at the tender age of 15. Living in a town with minimal opportunities, she was placed in a class band and performed in front of her entire school, which fueled her desire to emerge within the music scene. Through the help of a band manager and a government scheme nurturing young talent turned the small group into a success with professional performances across the region.

Determined to chase her dreams, Georgia studied at a music school in London, learning the art of the craft of singing and songwriting. Marking a huge turning point, the move welcomed a long-time creative relationship with frequent collaborator KamiKwazi. Lockdown served up two incredible R&B and jazz-infused tracks from the pair entitled ‘Audrey Hepburn’ and ‘Realise’.

Georgia recently endured a life-changing discovery which gave her a completely new perspective and heavily influenced her new music and sound. Georgia tells her story and explains her emotions of happiness and sadness by juxtaposing uplifting production and melodies with deep and heartfelt lyrics that validate her feelings – a metaphor for what Georgia went through. Her story and releases resonate with many listeners who may be experiencing a similar situation, using music as a way to cope but also unveiling the beautiful side of discovering who you truly are and healing from it.

“SEKHMET was inspired by a particular situation I was going through, I felt like I didn’t have a voice and was silenced, so this song was warranted in many ways. The track will resonate with many listeners, focusing on being in a relationship with someone (platonic or romantic) and the power balance being completely off, therefore being left with no choice but to walk away. I knew I wanted something to metaphor the absolute anger I felt that I had been treated this way and I recently had become super interested in ancient Egypt. I thought, why not use the ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. She fascinated me, as she was the goddess of war and healing which is a complete juxtaposition. It truly felt like this situation had resulted in war when it should have gone the other way.”
– Georgia Chanel

SOURCE: Official Bio