Rachel Grae has released her new video for the track titled ‘Daughter’. Never a truer love letter to a mother, or a parent, have I ever heard. Only done with the best of feelings and the deepest of intentions, this is the gratitude to a mother set to music.

With a subtle intensity and every card laid on the table, Rachel shows us that actions are louder than words and those actions are best ingested with the art of music backing them up.

About Rachel Grae

New York based pop artist Rachel Grae has emerged as one of the year’s fastest growing talents. Her honest songwriting is like a page ripped from her diary – addressing the psychological, cerebral and emotional responses to life’s events, all delivered by her powerhouse vocals. With nearly 3M monthly listeners on Spotify and 1M fans across social media, Rachel has delivered 85M streams to date and worked with the likes of Nick Lopez (Demi Lovato), Dave Gibson (Bruno Mars, Liam Payne), Ed Holloway (Lewis Capaldi, James Bay), Justin Gemmella (Bella Poarch), Rachel Furner (Little Mix, Craig David) & more.

According to vocalist Rachel Grae, her ever-growing fan base is actually more like a “friend base.” It’s probably this mindset that’s caused the fresh and deeply genuine singer-songwriter, who glows with the “impossible to ignore” energy of artists like Billie Eilish and Adele, to erupt into the pop music world with a listener base now into the millions of monthly listeners.

Described as “raw and authentic” by Melodic Magazine, Grae’s altruistic and others-focused ethos bleeds through in everything she creates. With tens of millions of streams to date and approaching 1 million followers on TikTok, Grae’s essential voice has caught the attention of outlets like MTV and American Songwriter. Rachel is the rising voice in pop music you don’t want to miss — and her voice is entirely her own.