G.H. Francis has today premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Without You’ from his upcoming EP ‘Why Does Anyone?’ dropping June 14th.

With a lush video collage perfectly encapsulating the method, meaning, and muse of the music, we are presented with a vivid feel of indie meets mainstream in all the right ways by fusing a monster hook with a personal take and genuine message. The song is simply infectious. Memorable by design, if you will. While definitely a repeater on any playlist, the song also has that memorable quality that makes all good songs last a lifetime.

Whatever and however your musical tastes take you throughout the years, you can have that little smile in your mind knowing that there are songs like ‘Without You’ and artists like G.H. Francis that make their music in such a way as to simply be future classics.

About G.H. Francis

For some people, music isn’t a career choice: it’s a way to experience the world, to find your place and communicate with the rest of mankind. For Gregory Hoepffner, writing and producing music is as vital as water and air. His G.H. Francis project bloomed from a life journey of releasing records and touring all over the world, with multifaceted projects like Almeeva, Sure, Ghoster, Kid North, Time To Burn, Kabbel, and performing with Bernard Szajner, the laser-harp inventor.

Fully pop, urgent, G.H. Francis relies on the vitality and shape-shifting ability of an artist who intentionally places light and catchy music on top of deeply personal thoughts, somewhere between catharsis and auto biography. His new EP “Why Does Anyone?” is a collection of synthetic pop songs, showcasing a robust production that never overpowers the emotional content, where the hedonism and frivolity call out for a celebration of our fragile existence.

With the new record, G.H. Francis successfully revives the spontaneity of meaningful pop music, both accessible and profound. And eventually essential. His next single to drop from the EP, ‘Without You’ is an upbeat indie-rock gem with a haunting hook, interlacing vocals and synthesizer layers and follows the acclaimed recent single ‘The Only Queer In The Van’. The video for ‘Without You’ sees G.H. Francis perform the track in amongst vivid colors, combined with nostalgic DIY visuals.