Irish Hard Rockers, Mine Road have emerged with their first single, ‘Snowplough’, taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Tomorrow’s Sky’, out July 4th.

Bursting with high-energy, and powerhouse hard-rock anthems, Mine Road certainly know how to pen songs that were made to be played in arenas! Their new single, ‘Snowplough’ is testament to this as the song builds to a crescendo of colourful melodies that surge with undeniable power and presence.

Speaking of the new single, the band says; “This essence of the song is about loss. The feeling of being covered by a blanket of snow, with the negative aspect in life being the snow itself. We wanted to write a song to combat those negative emotions and try to get a positive take on the negative things in life, all the while finding strength to plough through to the other side.”

The band is made up of brothers Stuart Cash (guitar) and Steve Cash (drums), vocalist Ken Carthy, and guitarist Dave Flood.

The band released Satellite, a 4 track EP in 2012, followed by a hiatus as Stuart moved to Sydney, Australia soon after its release. Songwriting tentatively began again as the two brothers began to trade ideas between continents, Stuart living in Sydney with Steve basing himself in New York. A return to Dublin in 2019 for the brothers opened the possibility of a Mine Road revival as Carthy and Flood all returned to the fold.

After completing the writing process for their first full length album, the band decided to tour Ireland after Covid had shut down live performances for the previous two years. With a successful run of shows nationally under their belt, the band knuckled down to the task of recording debut album ‘Tomorrow’s Sky’ and it’s been well worth the wait!

SOURCE: Official Bio