GIVE/TAKE, the boutique record label from Minneapolis, has released a dark and gritty compilation set to stun and meant for all. Featuring original and stunning songs from an eclectic group of artists, each track is signature and will fill the room with dark and brooding love for what is deathpop.

Deathpop is a term in existence since the summer of love as a variation of the pop-art movement has also been sporadically used to describe a genre of music since the years following the death of grunge.

The term itself has been known to raise eyebrows, if not ire. With a mood between melancholy and aggressive, a liberal use of electronics, and a penchant for melody and dynamics, deathpop is shaping the future of dark electronic music. For self-proclaimed goths who on occasion style their wardrobes with a pop of pink, “real” industrial fans who still stan Trent Reznor, or those who see no need to separate Kanye from Nick Cave on their playlists, this is deathpop.

It’s personal for us, as the genre is responsible for the origins of GIVE/TAKE. Roughly ten years ago, when co-founders Augustus Watkins and Joshua Lexvold met in Minneapolis, the city was already in the throes of a dark and electronic music renaissance. Watkins was using deathpop to coyly describe two of his musical projects, and when he joined with Lexvold to form DEATHDANCE, they touted the moniker proudly. Press was intrigued, while other artists and fans latched on. It was this musical partnership that eventually led to the creation of GIVE/TAKE, which is at the vanguard of the deathpop movement.

While pop music has often incorporated dark lyrics, in the last decade, this gloomy style and ethos has risen closer to the surface of the mainstream. With that, it’s high time to plant the deathpop flag and freely let it fly. We hunted the world over for artists who were already classifying themselves as deathpop, or whose music has earned the designation, and are proud to present This Is Deathpop, a compilation of 14 artists from around the world at the forefront of a genre that is our mainstay.

With a limited-edition CD that contains in-depth liner notes on the history of deathpop from extensive research and those among its ranks, the compilation featuring new, exclusive, and previously unreleased music is available for pre-order now. This Is Deathpop releases worldwide on Friday, June 24th. Pre-order on Bandcamp now and receive two songs immediately.