Marbles has today released their new single titled ‘Heading Out’, ahead of their new full length album releasing this fall.

That suave summer feeling is alive and well within the notes and lyrics that deliver a sense of excitement and adventure meant for the masses. The song lazily chugs along without a care in the world with a solid hook and a message to get out there and reacquaint yourself with the world around you.

‘Heading Out’ is the band’s first new music of 2022, with another full length album soon to be announced for the fall. Stay tuned for more new music this year as you ride out into the summer sound tracked by the breezy dream pop vibes of Marbles.

About ‘Heading Out’

Hailing from Kolbotn, the black metal capital of Norway, the music of Marbles sounds about as dramatically different from the stereotypical idea you might have of the music this nordic country tends to produce, with a colorful indie pop sound that bridges the gap between washed out guitar-driven dream pop ala Wild Nothing and Jay Som blended with the more upbeat and psychedelic pop of acts like Toro Y Moi and MGMT.

Describing their inspiration behind the song and why they chose it as the first teaser of their new album, the band said that they hoped to encapsulate in the song the feeling of excitement and anticipation that comes with any time you get a chance to “head out” from the big city to escape for some R&R; whether that be just a quick bike ride down to the river or a weekend-long camping trip. As they clarify, “It’s not just about the luxury of being able to travel, it’s about finding your own little precious moment amidst your normal day to day situation. Maybe even just in your mind and with your imagination! Being aware of a contrast between your everyday life and what you feel can be – and what you can do. Defining it is up to you.”

The cover art pictured above is actually an old photo of Marbles drummer Marius Ringen’s father, which Marius says “captur[es] a specific and beautiful moment in his life – taken in 1989. A frightening leap leading to a feeling of freedom and exhilarating reward.” It’s the perfect companion for the new song, your sonic companion into the exciting unknown of this summer as you head out to wherever it is you go when you need to get away from it all.

About Marbles

Based out of Kolbotn, Norway, the members of Marbles come from a variety of musical backgrounds, with many of them playing in the black metal bands that the city is known for internationally. Marbles includes Ferdinand Widmer on vocals and bass, Marius Ringen on drums, Adrian Sandberg on synths, and Marcus Widmer on guitar. The album was mixed by Adrian Sandberg (with help from Ferdinand Widmer) and mastered by Björn Engelman.

When the group formed originally, the different members were unsure exactly what sound and genre this new music would take on, but they quickly discovered a shared interest in dream pop, indie, and disco styles, and were able to capture a unique vibe together in their jam sessions. That vibe is present from their very first single “European Dream”, and from there they quickly honed and built upon the blueprint that song set out for their sound as a whole.

Their first singles in 2019 were then that up with their full length debut Marbles in 2020, which features lead single “Woman” and other undeniable james like “She’s So” –which sounds like Marbles doing their take on the french synth pop of Phoenix – and the previously released single “Baby Don’t You Get It”.