1. Disco Gorilla Tophat 3:06

Gorilla Tophat’s new Single “Disco” is smooth, refreshing and as groovy as ever. Disco showcases a long forgotten genre of music as Snow’s vocals are complemented with strings, horns, and as always the grooviest of basslines. The new Single also includes a collaboration with vocalist Yassie Gezer from the UK.

Their debut album was well received winning nominations in the category of Best Funk Fusion Song (IMA), Best Funk Fusion Album (IMA), Best Funk Album (Acadamia) and Best Jazz Vocal (TIMA). The pair played several shows across Ontario including the infamous Burlington Music Festival.

After taking some time off to write music, the band teamed up with legendary Producer Mark Berry and released a new Single titled Mayday featuring Firechild in 2019 and a video in October 2020. The band also has several single releases pending but production was affected by the global pandemic.

SOURCE: Official Bio