1. Come Alive Now Defunkt 2:34

Built on bold love and a fierce sence of interdependence, Now Defunkt emerged out of lockdown as a creative collective producing primordial sound-box of the soul shifts with a twist of lemon. Given the realities that we have all been living through, we are hoping to give a resonant nod to this good creation and shift our collective focus towards deep hanging out and restoration.

At the beginning of the pandemic, three friends – Scott Macklin, Steve McMahon and James Hunter with the help of their super groovy children – Nikko, Case, Anastasia, Amaris, Aeden and some amazing friends released an album titled Skills Are Handy, Feel is Gold. The album art depicted the image of a girl running off of a cliff while flying a kite and not knowing if her fate was to fly or fall. We now move into our next phase with the release of Shifting Into a Lower Gear with the image of the girl who is now a bit older floating through liminal space with faith and balloons as her ballast and fuel.

If there’s one thing you can count on when listening to a Now Defunkt song, it’s that you’re in for a wild musical ride. Just when you think you know where the music is headed and what genre it most closely correlates with, we dig deep into our vivid jam adjacent jar of funkt sauce to keep you on your toes, and it’s this intentionally accidental vibe that keeps each Now Defunkt song feeling fresh and full of hootness.

SOURCE: Official Bio