Grackles has today released their new video for the track titled ‘It’s Coming to Ya’, from their self-titled debut album out March 29.

A sweet mix of blues, baritone, and balls, the guitar mixed with the smokey vocals is what initially sold this song to me. But wait, there’s more! while finding the influence in the track, the raucous feeling and road weary way about the track coupled with retro-rebellion takes the song, and you, to a whole new level.

FYI, it IS coming to ya. That’s not a warning; that’s a promise.

About Grackles

“It’s Coming To Ya” follows acclaimed singles “San Antone” which features blues legend Charlie Musselwhite and Lauren Harris and “Top Of The World” featuring Kat Edmonson.

On “It’s Coming To Ya,” the band’s Noah Lit says:

“I knew I wanted a record that started with a galloping bluesy beat a la JJ Cale. I hoped it would set the stage for everything to come. The real sonic mood came with Jason’s (Mozersky) tone-down Les Paul riff in the intro. It helped us establish where we were going. Joe’s Hammond organ playing drives and pushes and adds a Sopranos (opening song) vibe to the whole thing to me.”

Grackles have also announced an Austin Record release show on March 30 at The Continental Club. Tickets and more info can be found HERE.

In October of ‘22, in Arlyn Studio, Austin, Texas a recording session became a band. Drummer Jimmy Paxson was finishing a leg of his world tour with The Chicks at Austin City Limits Festival. Jimmy was in contact with Jason Mozersky, his Grammy award winning guitar player and bandmate from Ben Harper. Jason discussed with Kyle Crusham, producer for Paul Simon and Edie Brickell, getting together to do some recording and lastly songwriter and indie rock musician Noah Lit (Oliver Future, Noah and the MegaFauna) was added to the mix. With the band in place, they looked to Noah, now a restaurateur in Austin, and way, way out of the music business, to write some tunes.

“The band was ready to rock, and they looked at me and said, ok Noah, go write some songs” explains Noah. Never one to back away from a challenge, Noah dug deep into his musical former self, woodshedded, and pulled 10 songs out of the ether that became Grackles.

The first single “San Antone” tells an alternate history of the town Noah and Jason Mozersky grew up in. Noah Lit on the song: “I wanted to tell a mystical noir story about a San Antonio that only existed in my high school imagination. San Antonio is about the nicest city one could ever hope to visit, but perhaps there’s a dark witchy undertone, Robert Johnson sold his soul to record in the Gunter Hotel downtown off the Riverwalk, what else could be hiding in its candle-lit cobblestone alleys? Having Charlie Musselwhite play harmonica on the track is also a dream come true. Charlie has played harmonica on most of my favorite records, and he is truly an unbelievable player.”

The music leans heavily into Noah and Jason’s many years in Austin. Dark blues rhumba with country ballads. Singer-songwriter aesthetics meet blazing guitar solos and danceable 12-bar tunes. Hammond B3 drives the vintage guitars, and Beatles-esque 12-string Rickenbackers, while string sections sweep above in Roy Orbison arrangements. Noah leans into a deeper, lower register croon and growl. Part Leonard Cohen, part snarling dog, the lyrics flow like shoal creek over limestone. Guest vocals by Kat Edmonson and Lauren Harris, add ethereal chords, and full-throated whimsy.

The live band is an eight-piece country, rock, blues explosion. Their sold-out first show at the iconic Antone’s, downtown Austin brought echoes of old Austin into a new updated package. Like a classic car with a Tesla Engine, Grackles is all that was Austin, through a thoroughly modern lens.


'Grackles' cover.
‘Grackles’ cover.
  1. It’s Coming To Ya
  2. San Antone (ft. Charlie Musselwhite and Lauren Harris)
  3. Eternal Return Blues
  4. Near Or Too Far
  5. The Distant Lightning
  6. Top Of The World (ft. Kat Edmonson)
  7. Grackles Barn Burner (ft. Lauren Harris)
  8. Far Away From Nothing (ft Kat Edmonson)
  9. When I’m Gone
  10. Send Back The Roses

Featured image by JP Dingens.