Silent Mass has today released their new single titled ‘Land of Heart’s Desire’ from their upcoming debut LP ‘The Great Chaos’ out 6/21 in honor of the Summer Solstice.. A hedonistic feeling of shoegaze nostalgia and original apocalyptic bliss, ‘Land of Heart’s Desire’ gives melancholy meaning and shoegaze a new dreamscape with just enough atmosphere to get lost in and an abundance of noise to find your new self.

About Silent Mass

Silent Mass invites disciples of Post-Punk, Ethereal Wave, Shoegaze, and 90s Alternative to a wailing wall of sound that is irresistible for anyone who has prayed for a darker and heavier Enya or is beckoned to embark on a sonic pilgrimage through territories claimed by The Cranberries, Chelsea Wolfe, Cranes, and Dead Can Dance.

Silent Mass emerged as a solitary pursuit in sun-drenched pre-pandemic Los Angeles by Ammo Bankoff. Her debut single, a cover of ‘Total Recall’ that Big Takeover Magazine called “melancholic escapist dreamery,” was released in 2020 on Dune Altar as part of the charity compilation ‘Do You Feel That Way Too? A Tribute to Adrian Borland & The Sound.’

Encompassing haunting vocals and lush guitar lines with primal percussive rhythms that nod to Ammo’s punk-infused youth, Silent Mass released two more singles, ‘Rose + Crown’ and ‘A Cold War City’ in 2021. “Ammo recalls so many different artists (Kate Bush, Jane Siberry, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive), while not sounding particularly like any of them very much. This is melancholic loaded reverie, capable of entrancing you into Lynchian territory” noted The Spill Magazine.

Ammo eventually relocated with audio engineer and guitarist Robert Duncan to join drummer and producer Alex Posell in NYC. With demand for live performances, bassist Kevin LoBiondo completed the band’s final incarnation.

Currently hailed as “ethereal Brooklyn goths” by Brooklyn Vegan, Silent Mass will get you into a “dreamy state” with a sound that has disseminated to sold-out shows as far as Berlin and Los Angeles. They have shared the stage with occult rockers True Widow and played NYC’s five-day New Colossus Festival. Leading single “Land of Heart’s Desire” is about unfulfilled aspirations inadvertently affecting those around you. The track is the first release leading up to their debut LP ‘The Great Chaos’ out 6/21 in honor of the Summer Solstice.