1. Another Round Guest Directors

A lot of reverb, but not really shoegaze. A lot of guitar hooks, but not really power pop. A lot of woozy female vocals, but not really dream pop. Guest Directors’ spooky and soulful music demonstrates a familiarity with the sonic landscape of their native Northwest, evoking images of evergreen silhouettes, dreamy breezes, and the power of seemingly perpetual precipitation.

From their first release (2016’s “These Beautiful Things”), to the pandemic era’s home-recorded 2021 EP (“Connected Heavens”), they have displayed a confident amalgamation of sounds generated with a nod to the pensive and melancholy over four EPs. Each recording exhibits harmonic, rhythmic, and stylistic explorations that hover around a familiar sonic center. Their kaleidoscopic instrumentation is comprised of delightfully tangled Jazzmasters and moody vocals, as well as volatile drumming and propulsive bass work. The group has mastered its musical surveillance, recognizing each bit of sonic space as an opportunity for attention, examination, and artful refinement.

SOURCE: Official Bio