Blueprint Tokyo has premiered their new EP ‘Cinema Sounds’ on Jammerzine, set to release this Friday (October 28th).

Rounded out by that unique and brilliant style that is Blueprint Tokyo, what we get is a bit of a taste that leaves us wanting more music. Anthemic tracks, each with their own distinctive sound, create a solid signature in the addition of anyone’s favorite playlist, hitting that replay button at will. Feeling has a focus in each of these three tracks from artists that intend to grow with us.

About ‘Cinema Sounds’

Alternative rock band Blueprint Tokyo is releasing their sophomore EP, Cinema Sounds, on October 28th. Alongside Grammy nominated recording engineer Travis Ference, the band was able to cultivate a mix of alternative rock and indie-pop that captivates audiences and actualizes the story they wanted to tell. Capturing the realities of being human, the ten minute EP is composed of three songs that follow the real life experiences of band members Kevin Dawson (vocals and guitar) and Andy Hale (guitar, synth, and drums). Kevin expands that “Life has its ups and downs and we look at those sometimes tongue in cheek but always trying to be real with the stories we create”.

The first song of the EP, “Say Anything” is about reminiscing on childhood and the nostalgia surrounding growing up. “Say Anything” is followed by “LaRusso” which is about falling in love and experiencing a breakup for the first time. The final song on the EP, “Sailor Girl,” depicts the band’s social life consisting of parties in the woods and hanging out at friends, and speaks on the toll those events sometimes took. Cinema Sounds is the first of several EPs to be released over the next year.

The EP was a worldwide affair having been recorded and mixed in Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Alberta, Canada and Melbourne, Australia. We worked with Travis Ference who worked with Imagine Dragons, St. Vincent, Atlas Genius, John Mayer and Taylor Swift amongst many others. The name of the album captures part of that scope and scale for what we wanted to do. And we’ve never been shy about the cinematic quality that some of our music has. We always want to tell a story

About Blueprint Tokyo

Based in Oklahoma City, Blueprint Tokyo is about new beginnings. Mental health and health care became an important cause to the band after band member Kevin Dawson faced unforeseen health challenges. Blueprint Tokyo overcame these challenges and came out stronger than ever with a reinvigorated sound. Their music has been described by many as intense, tender and driving with notes of 80’s inspired indie rock dreaminess. The band continues to make waves with their catchy hooks, atmospheric sounds, and hopeful lyrics.