Helen has today released her new EP titled ‘Ubiquitous’. Delectable soul mixed with cutting edge RnB and future pop, Helen delivers a diverse set of music that swerves between said genres with dedicated delight and a penchant for originality.

Whatever your personal taste in music is, you will definitely find an anthem in the playlist from an artist whose lived it and loves it. Personal favorite song: ‘Mediocre Hoe’. I would hate to be on the receiving end of this.

About ‘Ubiquitous’

Helen accumulated well-deserved attention in 2022 with her song “Bitter Bitch” featured in the hit Netflix Original film “Do Revenge,” not to mention the fast growing success of her autumn single, “Talk,” which garnered the attention of esteemed tastemakers like Early Rising and found itself on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop, and night pop playlists.

Helen approaches all of her projects with an already high baseline of charisma, finesse, and polished performances, and Ubiquitous is a stunning collection of some of her best work yet; she introduces herself to new listeners as a quickly rising it girl, and she makes it look effortless. Helen’s creative, poignant lyricism touches on a variety of topics from micro-aggressions and performative activism to playfully sexy body positivity anthems that ultimately come together to tell her story and use her voice as a platform celebrating all black woman-identifying individuals. Ubiquitous encapsulates a sound reminiscent of icons like FKA Twigs, Doja Cat, and PinkPantheress.

Ubiquitous can be defined as omnipresent or found everywhere, which for Helen speaks to the profound, oftentimes unrecognized influence black women have had that irrefutably permeates countless facets of society and pop culture.

New tracks like “qt,” along with fan favorites like “Talk” and “Bitter Bitch” are infectiously empowering anthems bolstering unapologetic confidence that encourages listeners to look inward for validation rather than seeking approval from others. “Mediocre Hoe” and “Copycats” delve into complex topics like microaggressions, performative activism, cultural appropriation, reclamation, and dismantling social constructs. Helen also examines the female experience through a feminist lens on “Ick” where she channels her frustration towards double standards imposed on women and confronts it with a bold, girl boss attitude.

This EP exists at the culmination of blackness and womanhood, ultimately coming together to showcase different parts of the vibrant, expansive puzzle that is the black woman’s experience.

Helen hits hard with every track on Ubiquitous, yielding a collection of songs that keeps listeners hooked from start to finish and captures a spectrum of colors that shines through in 4K. She collaborated with Grammy nominated engineer Calin Enache (Goldlink, Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy) who co-mixed and mastered the EP with producer Jamie McArdle.

Helen led the writing process for each song on Ubiquitous, creating and developing the melody and lyrics to match tracks with McArdle. Helen hopes that her listeners feel beautiful, empowered, recognized, and that they are deserving of everything good after listening to the EP. Ubiquitous embodies an identity of being cute on the outside, but fierce, edgy, and untamed on the inside; it encourages listeners to let their truths shamelessly exist outside of themselves.

About Helen

Helen is a singer/songwriter based in the DMV area. Her love for Pop and R&B music with a combination of her unique vocals has led to her rise as a newly independent artist. Helen first began writing and composing songs at the age of 14, now 25, Helen has developed her own sound and artistic abilities that make her stand out in her genre.