Helen has today released her new single titled ‘Pretty Privilege’. Short, but sweet and to the point, no punches are held with Helen’s heart showing direct connection to her mouth with brutal honesty and boldness showing through the brilliant and original music.

While you may hear a dance track with an electro-beat, you will listen to Helen’s audible poetry as she gives you a dose of how the world really is and who the only one you can trust should be.

Self assurance now has a soundtrack.

About ‘Pretty Privilege’

Helen is back with a series of new releases in 2024 as “Pretty Privilege” leads the way, packing the audacious punch that listeners have been craving from the rising DMV artist. Set for a February 14th release, the track defies all Valentine’s Day expectations and emphasizes individuality and self-confidence. With core elements of pop and R&B intertwined in a stunning package, the song encourages listeners to harness the inherent power of “pretty privilege” to get what they want.

The track remains true to Helen’s personal brand – unapologetic, rebellious, bright and bold – while still painting a fresh picture of what’s to come for the songstress in 2024. While drawing inspiration from artists such as Flo Milli, Doja Cat and Beyoncé, Helen showcases the evolution of her writing and musical styles since her debut EP, ubiquitous.

Helen hopes that fans appreciate her own take on the self-confidence movement with this single. “It’s meant to challenge conventional standards and celebrate the empowerment of individuals irrespective of societal judgments,” she says. Lyrics like “It ain’t my fault that I’m pretty; He want my love, I just want his money” and “‘Cause boy you were too lucky to even be looking at me,” grace the song with gems of wisdom and lyrics for people to sing along to anywhere – in the car, in their room, in the club. The combination of striking lyrics, addictive beats, and Helen’s soft tone creates the perfect mood-booster for this season of love as we remind ourselves that being pretty comes with perks.

About Helen

Helen is a singer/songwriter based in the DMV area. Her love for Pop and R&B music with a combination of her unique vocals has led to her rise as a newly independent artist. Helen first began writing and composing songs at the age of 14, now 25, Helen has developed her own sound and artistic abilities that make her stand out in her genre.