Hightown Pirates have released their new single titled ‘A Winter’s Tale’. A kind of stripped down and darkly intimate portrait of modern life sung through the heart of a modern poet whose lived the life he sings about and sees the world the way most of us should.

Musically, ‘A Winter’s Tale’ is one of those songs that’s more grandiose than appears, but it grows on you nonetheless. Slowly building into what it was meant to be, the song veers and collides with your senses in slow motion while telling you a story from the heart and from an artist that wears that heart on his sleeve.

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About Hightown Pirates & ‘A Winter’s Tale’

‘A Winter’s Tale’ is the latest single taken from the third album from, Hightown Pirates, the ever-changing collective steered by the guitar and pen of singer/songwriter Simon Mason.

The stripped back ode to winter makes Fairytale to New York seem like a…well..fairytale.. “A Winter’s Tale” is a brutal tale of the hardships of modern Britain , highlighted at this time of year.

Let’s let Simon Mason tell us his thoughts on the song..

“A Winters Tale, may possibly be the best song I’ve ever written, maybe not, but I would say this, on every level, lyrics, sonics, arrangement, this track is ‘worthy’ of being heard by the masses. I would say that of course because I wrote it. “

A Winter’s Tale is the next release from the forthcoming new album, conceived in Margate, recorded at The Libertines, Albion Rooms studio.

Mason, previously lauded for his memoir of 90’s excess and redemption, Too High Too Far Too Soon, has turned his attention to a life of kitchen sink drama and beyond, out into the high streets and stolen dreams of a country struggling to find an identity in an ever-changing world.

Isn’t it about time you finally paid attention?

Featured image by Billy Vitch.