Emerging from New York’s underground in the late ’90s, Locked in a Vacancy was more than just another metalcore band—they were a tempest. Their performances were sonic earthquakes, shared with an exhaustive list of seminal bands including Converge, A Life Once Lost, Lamb of God, and Every Time I Die. If you’ve ever thrown down to these names, ignoring Locked in a Vacancy is a glaring lapse in your musical vocabulary.

A pause came in 2007, as members diverged into other projects. Any glimmer of a 2012 reunion vanished with the tragic loss of drummer Rick Cimato. Their discography became an archival whisper, a potent but paused narrative. Now, after years, they’re back—not to rehash the past, but to stake a new claim. Their latest EP, …Before the Dawn, isn’t a soft return; it’s an incendiary declaration that forces you to pay attention. This isn’t nostalgia—it’s a reckoning.

Their return isn’t about recapturing yesterday but about breaking today’s silence, filling a void that’s been keenly felt but never filled. Forget retrospectives; you’ll find Locked in a Vacancy in the spaces that defy easy labels.

For those who find solace in the brutal honesty of metalcore, and have longed for the return of a sound that shakes you to your foundation, your wait is over. If you’ve ever questioned, ever raged, ever yearned for something more, then look no further—Locked in a Vacancy is more than a band; they’re a call to arms. Your time to hesitate is through. Join the ranks and become part of a movement that refuses to be ignored.

This is not a reunion, but a renewal—a gut punch that refuses to ask for your attention and instead demands it. Brace yourself. They’re back.

SOURCE: Official Bio