1. A Lounge Bar In The Sky HLFMN 03:59

HLFMN is set to drop his new single titled ‘A Lounge Bar In The Sky’ tomorrow (September 29th). A freelance, freestyle, freewave, darkpop hipjazz magnum opus downright downtempo holy f*ck-a-moly track that coasts the soundwaves into your mind via your soul and traps that part of your being that is not afraid to hear or see anything outside of the box.

Leaving much for the imagination and everything to chance, ‘A Lounge Bar In The Sky’ skips and bends around and through your imagination and becomes anything you need at this moment. Remix in your mind and ingest HLFMN.


Hidden behind a half-divided mask symbolising the meeting of Heaven and Earth is the creative mind of HFLMN, or Half Man. The inspired Italian musician’s otherworldly sound draws influence from everything under the sun, including Chinese Opera and Country music. HLFMN blends live instruments with Hip Hop beats and glitchy electronics with an ear to the past and an eye to the future.

His mask, created by himself, symbolically represents the mystery of consciousness where, on the one hand the material world with all its forms is manifested, while on the other lies the infinite black of the unmanifested, a kingdom full of potentials where codes and information lead to a physical universe reside.

There’s a lot of energy coming through HLFMN’ records, as if he can bring a supernatural power in his production, tuning his mind to other worlds and translating it in an highly energetic vibe, that bursts into your heart while making your feet move.