Originally the solo project of singer-songwriter Shane O’Reilly, Irish trio The Victory draws together the sounds of the Beatles, The Strokes and The Beach Boys in a pretty sonic package. Formed in 2020, The Victory hit the music scene at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic; however, no pandemic would dampen the passion of these Irish lads. Garnering a fanbase with their confident performances throughout Dublin, The Victory intoxicate listeners with a single note. Yet, it is not their shows alone that draw audiences to their intriguing sound. From a radio interview on Radio Nova to features on Rock Era Magazine, Indie O’ Clock and Edgar Allan Poets, Shane O’Reilly (vocals and guitar), Alan O’Flaherty (bass) and Chris Platt (drums) are hypnotising music lovers on a global scale.

Taken from their debut EP of the same name, ‘Making Some Music’ finds the line between Indie and Pop, but it is the slithering of Soul throughout the single that makes it something special. Recorded and produced with Michael Heffernan at Blackwater Studios in County Louth, ‘Making Some Music’ is elegantly arranged but there is a sense of vulnerability in the song. Combining bold guitars with powerful drums, The Victory tosses you into a swirl of music; however, O’Reilly’s vocals bring obscurity in the rich, warm but slightly off-kilter tone.

Just as the melody has an intricacy about its arrangement, the lyrical content is as complex and profound. Poetic lyricism beautifully delivered by Shane O’Reilly speaks to the concept of genuineness and authenticity in music – to play for art’s sake. When speaking about ‘Making Some Music’, Shane explains:

“The song is about having a voice, speaking about things you see as an artist and expressing them to the world. The song is about that duty we have to the world as songwriters to aim to inspire, to capture history for others to read about in the future and to do it with music that fills yourself with satisfaction…Writing a song is extremely personal and this song explores the reason why we do it all…”

To adequately describe the thought-provoking ideas and emotions evoked by The Victory is nearly impossible. Instead of merely sharing a heartwarming song, The Victory immerse you in its inimitable sound. Confident and bold but fragile and intimate, these naturally talented Irishmen steal your soul with the single ‘Making Some Music’ taken from the debut EP of the same name, out now.

SOURCE: Official Bio