Holly Lovelady is an emerging electro-pop singer-songwriter from Liverpool. Blending nuances of folk, pop and electronica with hard hitting lyricism, she has risen to prominence in her local scene and beyond with her releases over the past 12 months.

Singles such as ‘Running’ and ‘Year of the Cat’ seem to fully present Lovelady’s refined and polished sound, with the power of dreams and her love of storytelling intertwined.

With influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush to Doris Day and Joan Baez, you can hear the traditional way of writing in Holly’s voice and tonality, almost turning the clock back to that golden era of 70s pop. But with a modernized rekindling of production and instrumentation, her music travels far and wide and lends itself to both styles so seamlessly.

Continuing on the momentum she has built to date, she returns with dreamy new single ‘Sleep’. Co-produced with Bob Mackenzie at the renowned Motor Museum Studios in Holly’s homeland and then mixed and mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Cameron Craig, the track builds starting with Holly’s vocal and synths, already showcasing her unique presence and melodic prowess.

Holly’s haunting melodies transcend the track into this dreamlike atmosphere, paired with the drum machines and whirling synthesizers make it feel otherworldly. For fans of Florence and the Machine and MARINA, ‘Sleep’ is an infectious and catchy pop-infused track that sticks and keeps you intrigued throughout.

Delving into the inner feelings of the uncertainty of falling for someone you don’t know, Holly touches on the meaning from both her side and her friends, and the empowering chorus with the lyrics ‘dream of in my sleep’ really ensues that power-pop feeling that appeals to the commercial space as well as her own sound world.

Holly Lovelady is becoming one of the most exciting acts in the North of England and is set to have her best year to date, with ‘Sleep’ exemplifying just how far she has come in such a short space of time.

Holly says “Sleep was both inspired by my own personal story and also an old friend’s personal journey. For myself It’s about seeing someone who you really like but you become scared or subconsciously unsure if you really want to be with them, you don’t know why you are unsure but that feeling of uncertainty is creeping in… I think that feeling is so common nowadays!

And I don’t know why! But maybe if I listen to my song with more honesty I think that from a past relationship I hadn’t quite closed the door and moved on so I wasn’t able to fully move on, He was subconsciously at the back of my mind.”

SOURCE: Official Bio