“Hoovey,” the inspiring story of Eric “Hoovey” Elliott’s triumph over a near fatal brain tumor, featuring an all-star cast that includes Lauren Holly (Dumb and Dumber, NCIS), Patrick Warburton (Emperor’s New Groove, Men in Black II) and Cody Linley (Hannah Montana), recently debuted at the Sunscreen Film Festival West among approximately 100 films, taking top honors as Best Feature Film.

The film is based on Jeff Elliott’s self-published book, “Rebounding from Death’s Door” and chronicles his son’s struggle to relearn how to walk, read and even see clearly, and to eventually play basketball again and recapture his dream. The screenplay, written by Howard Klausner (Space Cowboys), caught the attention of Soul Surfer director Sean McNamara and EchoLight Studios.

Vemma Royal Ambassadors Ruth and Jeff Elliott say they hope their family’s story of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and triumphing in the face of adversity will encourage others to realize they always have the ability to choose.

“Everyone at some point in their life is going to go through something; it’s inevitable,” explains Jeff. “You can’t control many things that might happen to you, but you can control your attitude. That’s a choice you get to make.”

Vemma makes an appearance in the film since it was a big part of the family’s emotional and financial recovery. An entire scene of the movie was filmed at Vemma’s 2013 Convention in Las Vegas where Lauren Holly reenacts a speech Vemma top leader Ruth Elliott made at the event. The speech addresses how Vemma helped her family after they had to literally sell the farm to keep their heads above water.

“Hoovey” will be playing at HD-ready facilities such as churches, high schools and universities around the country from January 31 to March 31. After that, based on the volume of attendees, the film will be released in theaters at select locations around the U.S. To bring “Hoovey” to your community, go to www.echolightcinemas.com and click on “Cinemas.”

In February, the Elliott’s hometown of Normal, IL will be hosting a special viewing at a recently renovated theater in town where ticket sale proceeds will benefit charity.

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