House Of Wolves have today premiered their new single titled ‘Give Me A Moment’. From a band that is this new we get a storied and layered sampling of what is to come from a band that has the experience way beyond their years.

From that first hook filled guitar riff, we get a masterful segway into the world of new music from a trio that have truly found their sound. Brilliant!

About House Of Wolves & ‘Give Me A Moment’

Hailing from Preston, House of Wolves are a trio with pure, raw energy. Tom’s driving drums and Jake’s pulsing bass lines ooze coolness and are the perfect backbone. Henry who can only be described as a modern-day Hendrix combines blazing guitar skills with a soulful voice that screams guts and angst.

Formed during lockdown, the trio have spent their time fine-tuning their craft and rapidly building a solid fan base.

House of Wolves are ready to let their edgy tunes explode into your ears backed by These Bloody Thieves Records.

‘Give Me A Moment’ was one of the first songs I wrote for the band. When the three of us got together we went on a bonding & writing holiday to Mexico where Jake (our bass player) is from. We landed and went straight out with an acoustic to some crazy Mexican bar and ended up downing Tequila with the locals.

The next thing these two Mexican girls walked in and it was one of those moments where the whole bar went silent. So, there’s three of us in the band and only two of them so I decided to go the extra mile and write something to give me the edge over Tom and Jake. Five minutes later I had Give Me A Moment and it was my plea to those two Mexican girls.