Christian Cohle has premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Our Last Dance’, from his new album titled ‘Wetlands’, also releasing today.

Feeling like a solid introduction to the artist as much as it is to the album, we get a glimpse of music that is crafted from the heart and stylized with a visual matching the sonic bliss on a guttural level. A beautiful diary style vocal and conversation set an overtone of finality and emotion over a somber piano in a way that we can all relate too. This is exactly what music is for. Evoking emotion. And the way Christian’s original vocals take it from that is simply priceless.

I hope you watched the video before you read this so you can all agree.

About Christian Cohle & ‘Wetlands’

Dublin based producer / musician / singer-songwriter Christian Cohle delivers the final focus track ‘Our Last Dance’, lifted from the upcoming album ‘Wetlands’ released on 12th May and announces an exclusive album launch party at Whelan’s in Dublin on 19th May.

Following on from his recent acclaimed singles, ‘Jungle’, ‘Strength’ and ‘Another Life’, ‘Our Last Dance’ continues Christian’s introspective musical journey drawing on a myriad of influences from lo-fi electronics, alt-pop and jazzy-soul. The songs are extremely personal, delving into Christian’s psyche, and lays bare his inner thoughts, incorporating an amiability and creativity into his music-making.

Our Last Dance is the closing track to Wetlands, a patient, electronic and atmospheric ballad, with piano arrangements and a stunning raw vocal performance from Cohle. It also features a beautifully haunting music video, shot and directed by Oscar winning cinematographer Narayan Van Maele.

Cohle says: “I realised after making Wetlands, that it’s a love letter to a relationship I walked away from and felt like I had failed in. Our Last Dance was this dark solemn instrumental, I had always wanted Wetlands to close on. My engineer and co-producer Michael Heffernan felt the track had a similar quality to Trent Reznor’s “Hurt”, and he urged me to write lyrics over it. I’m so glad he did, cause it became this sincere confessional moment for me, where I got to revisit everything, one last time”.

‘Wetlands’ is an immersive cinematic journey, documenting Cohle’s struggles and doubts during 2020-21, breaking up with his then girlfriend. The album begins just moments after he is arrested by the fear that the relationship has taken a turn for the worst, and follows this spiralling journey as far as a year after the eventual break-up. Everything that happens in between, all speaks to this overarching theme and experience Cohle is sharing.

Cohle explains “The album is set in Japan, South-Korea and Ireland, where I was at the time. Its my first break-up / concept album of sorts… with other musicians, acoustic instrumentation, field recordings, real phone recordings and a range of genre crossing moments from solo piano performances, big electronic/soundscape stuff to even alternative/progressive moments paying homage to some older artists I love i.e. Tears for Fears, David Bowie, Blue Nile…”

Drawing on all sorts of inspiration, from the production methods of Bon Iver, the music of Berlin’s Moderat to the atmosphere and aesthetic of modern noir films like Blade Runner. Cohle blends electronica and other musical styles into what press has previously dubbed as ‘ambient-pop’ or ‘atmospheric electronic’.