1. Careless Night Imágenes Mentales & Call Me Shadow 4:52

We are Carlos Plaza Romero and Senka Hodžić (Carlos from Venezuela and living in Costa Rica for more than 12 years, and Senka from Bosnia), also known as Mental Images and Call Me Shadow. We are happy to present our album “Breathe In.Breathe Out” together, released on October 16, 2022 and which was written, recorded and produced from October 2021 to July 2022.

The story of the beginning of our musical collaboration is quite interesting. It started when we accidentally started talking on Instagram and realized we share similar musical tastes and influences. The process began to unfold after Carlos provided the structured instrumental musical outline for what would become our first single together, “Blurrin’ the Lines”. Senka then provided the lyrics and vocals.

The process was similar to all the other songs. What started as an idea to collaborate on a song, turned into a 10-song album, and made us realize that our musical connection is pure perfection for us, something that is very difficult to find and, moreover, the fact that we are from different countries and cultures. The writing and recording process was pure magic from start to finish. The entire album is conceptualized as a kind of metaphorical musical breath providing a variety of moods, genres and personal impressions transformed into various themes.

From indie and synthpop influences to ambient, post-grunge and alternative rock, the album evokes the musical nostalgia of the ’80s and ’90s across contemporary sonic horizons. The feel, concept and texture of the album is very cinematic, like an imaginary movie soundtrack.

By bridging an ocean and seven time zones, we have managed to create a unique personal and geographical musical connection between Costa Rica and Bosnia and Herzegovina, proving that miles apart mean nothing when the connection is right. We have put tremendous energy and creativity into this project in the hope that people who listen to our music will feel the vibe and enjoy listening to our album as much as we enjoy making it.

Our project is a musical mixture of Venezuela and Bosnia that has never happened before.

SOURCE: Official Bio