1. Flies 1 The Battery Farm 0:30
  2. The Battery Farm – A Working Class Lad The Battery Farm 0:30
  3. Crude Oil Water The Battery Farm 0:30
  4. Wooden Spoon Number The Battery Farm 0:30
  5. In The Belly Of The Beast The Battery Farm 0:30
  6. Flies 2 The Battery Farm 0:30
  7. Everything Will Be OK The Battery Farm 0:30
  8. Poet Boy The Battery Farm 0:30
  9. Disdaingain The Battery Farm 0:30
  10. I Am A Man The Battery Farm 0:30
  11. Flies 3 The Battery Farm 0:30

The Battery Farm are set to release their new album titled ‘FLIES’ on November 18th. More a lucid concept than an album, you get a journey within the collective tracks and a feeling that you’ve discovered something you will take with you in that other journey known as life.

From Goth to Punk to Rock to anything else you can throw in there and still sound audible, you find yourself wishing you were a fly on the wall when this album was recorded. Angst wrapped in creativity locked in a box made from pure originality and surrounded by the aura of musical geniuses, The Battery Box proclaim that you have some new favorite music in your midst starting November 18th. When that time comes, just press play and let it inspire you.

About The Battery Farm

The Battery Farm are a Gutter Punk four-piece from Manchester playing punishing, pulverising rock music brimming with pain and passion. The Battery Farm was formed in March 2019 by brothers Ben and Dominic Corry. It was formed as a cry of despair; a terrified and furious response to a world that rapidly seems to be going wrong. This is reflected in the sound of the band, which is frantic, visceral and violent but also laced with beauty and melody.

Their sound has been compared to bands such as PIL, Fugazi and Pere Ubu while maintaining something thrillingly real, original and human. They write about themselves and the world they see around them with guttural honesty and searing compassion.