J. Michael Harter, former member of the brother-sister trio, The Harters, is in the midst of launching his career as a solo artist with debut single, “Holy Cowgirl.” The single is Harter’s first release from his forthcoming EP, Ride On, which will be released on GMV Nashville/Anozira Records Sept 30, 2014. The single has been released to radio and is now available for sale on iTunes and other major digital retailers.

A dance remix for “Holy Cowgirl” has also been created and is being distributed by Nashville-based venue marketing company Marco Club Connection to Country nightclubs across the country. The song is already receiving positive feedback and airplay in venues across the United States.

J. Michael Harter, Scott Harter, Earl Bud Lee, Scott Laurent, and Bruce Wallace co-wrote the up-tempo party song during a songwriting retreat in Alaska.

J. Michael commented about the day the song came to life, “I had the title in my phone for years and often brought the idea up when I’d do co-writes, but I had a hard time getting people to understand where I was going with it. While brainstorming for ideas with my co-writers at our retreat in Alaska, I thought, what the heck maybe they would get it. At first when I said the title, they were all silent, pondering what I’d just said. Scott Laurent laughed and said, ‘You mean like a really religious Cowgirl?’ I said no man, but that’s funny! I mean like you see a woman all dolled up in tight jeans and boots and you think, Holy Cow Girl!!! At that moment, Bruce Wallace started playing that very infectious guitar hook and the song came to life.”

A Tempe, Ariz. native, Harter’s music blends up-beat Country melodies with profound lyrics and a unique Western flair.

Harter most recently recorded with The Harters, which was made up of himself, his brother, Scott, and sister, Leslie. J. Michael’s forthcoming EP, co-written and produced by his brother Scott, contains some of the most special and refreshing music he’s ever written.

Of the new music, Harter says, “I am striving to be part of the pendulum swinging the other way to lyrically driven songs that would make you cry, laugh, or make you remember something that touches your heart.”

For more information about J. Michael Harter, view his website at www.JMichaelHarter.com and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Tempe, Ariz. native J. Michael Harter is no stranger to the music business. After a run in the sibling trio The Harters, J. Michael Harter is now releasing music as a solo artist. Citing influences such as Garth Brooks, George Strait, Clint Black and Alan Jackson, Harter’s music contains lyrics about real life relationships, experiences and struggles. Harter, a blue-collar, hard working “man’s man” credits much of his songwriting to the close relationship he has with his brother, Scott. Their strong relationship has produced some of the best music J. Michael believes he’s ever recorded. In addition to having co-writes with his brother featured on the project, Scott Harter is also credited for producing the EP. The music will soon be heard and available on Harter’s new EP titled, Ride On, which will be released later this year on iTunes and other major digital retailers. Harter just released his new single, titled “Holy Cowgirl” to Country radio and dance clubs across the country. For more information about J. Michael Harter, visit www.JMichaelHarter.com and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.