James Atkin has topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, enjoyed platinum-selling album successes, received an Ivor Novello nomination for his songwriting and toured the world many times over.

After a more than a decade of international dance music success under various guises, James is finally releasing his debut solo album ‘A Country Mile’ which comes out on Mar 2nd 2015.

However, a pre-order campaign which ends at midnight on December 8th allows fans to get their hands on it via download before Christmas and on CD at the start of January.

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The album sees James return to a style that initially made him world famous – great songs, huge hooks and emotive lyrics which all combine to make an instant and long lasting impression.

“This is a really big thing for me,” James explains, “it’s taken me a fair while to get to this point and to feel confident that I can share this material that says a lot about the journey I’ve been on to reach this stage of my life.”

The release of ‘A Country Mile’ is the first time James has put his own name to a new collection of songs and it’s certainly been worth the wait.

“Anyone who has followed my progress over the years will know that I’ve been continuously releasing records over the decades under different guises. I’d like to think with this first solo album I’m rediscovering my roots and harking back to those days when it was all about the songwriting.”

‘A Country Mile’ is bursting with melodies and haunting arrangements, which at their heart feature one of the most distinctive rock/pop/indie voices of all time. Not only that, the songs tell the story of James’ own personal journey from the madness of celebrity London life to the relative calm of the North Yorkshire borders.

“It’s been a long time coming,” says James, “here we go again!”

Artist: James Atkin Title: ‘A Country Mile’ Label: ATK Release date: March 2nd 2015

James Atkin Bio: Being nominated for an Ivor Novello award placed James Atkin amongst the highest echelon of his songwriting peers. He is also a member of a far more exclusive club, along with only 20 or so other world famous international artists. These are the select few who reached the number one spot in the US singles chart with their first ever release, as James did with his band EMF and their classic single ‘Unbelievable’.

Signed by EMI/Parlophone after just four gigs without even making a demo tape, becoming at home as a teen idol on the cover of Smash Hits and an indie icon on the front of the NME, getting sued by Yoko Ono, experiencing UFO encounters in the desert – all of these things happened to James when he was barely out of his teens.