Legends of The Seven Golden Vampires, with James Atkin, have premiered their new single titled ‘Cosmic Discotheque’, releasing via Prank Monkey Records.

A collaboration that seems born out of fun as much as was mutual admiration, ‘Cosmic Discotheque’ selves slightly into the world of electronic but firmly remains in rock music with a solid hook and brilliant segue into the chorus with an almost anthemic ferver.

About Legends of The Seven Golden Vampires

After achieving over 7 million streams on Tiktok, plays on national radio stations (6 Music, Absolute Radio) and inclusion on Spotify editorial playlists with their first two singles, “Autumn Fall” and “Close To You”, Hertfordshire (UK) production duo Legends of the Seven Golden Vampires (LOTSGV) have now collaborated with singer/songwriter/producer James Atkin on their third release “Cosmic Discotheque”.

Born out of the burning crucible of the DIY Mashup scene of the early 00’s, Legends of the Seven Golden Vampires are a production duo that take the spirit of that time to meld genres, blow minds and move feet. Inspired by the sounds that drove the many key music movements across the decades and moulding them together with kaleidoscopic abandon, Legends of the Seven Golden Vampires create unique and fresh tracks. The depth of their vast array of influences has seen the production duo socially plunder busing their way through the UK psychedelic rock and northern soul movements of the ’60’s through funk, disco and new wave post-punk of the 70’s and 80’s, through to the French touch, Chicago house, Detroit techno and electro shooting towards the UK rave and Jungle scenes of the 90’s.

With their new single, Legends of the Seven Golden Vampires are looking to bring this communion of genres together in a “Cosmic Discotheque” where anything goes and all are welcome to tune in, drop out and dance. “Cosmic Discotheque” is a psychedelic, techno, glam stomper, reminiscent of Kasabian at their finest. James Atkin’s distinctive guest vocal instantly transports the listener to the early 90s as the track’s tantalising, otherworldly layers of percussion, samples, guitars and more weave together to form a mysteriously infectious banger, which is guaranteed to get all the aliens onto the dance floor!!!

The diverse and ever-evolving sound of LOTSGV has emerged from principal member Nick Foster’s own unique musical journey. After playing in several ‘also ran’ indie bands during the 80’s /90’s, Nicholas Foster decided to try his hand at producing, which resulted in a remix of the AIR track ‘Lucky And Unhappy’ being featured on the XFM Remix 2 LP. This in turn introduced him to the new ‘Bastard Pop /Mash Up’ scene of the early 2000’s and its spiritual home, club night ‘Bastard’ in the centre of London.

After producing mash up tracks, made available through the Bastard Pop meister blog GYBO under various monikers (Nick Foster /Don Amott / Ded Wood etc.) Foster then, with the help of follow mash-up artist Richie Brown, formed the Prank Monkey Records label, to specifically put out vinyl releases from the community. This led to releases like the double LP ‘London Booted’ and DJ Riko’s ‘Whistlers Delight’.

Whilst waiting for his other band, the psych, shoegazey ‘Ghosts of Torrez’, to complete their debut LP, Nick decided to revisit his mash-up roots and hooked up with friend and DJ Luke Hadron, who had already remixed a couple of tunes for the PM Label, and Legends of the Seven Golden Vampires, named after the Peter Cushing starring 70’s Hammer / Shaw Brothers camp, kung fu meets vampires classic was born.

“Cosmic Discotheque” is out 25th August via Prank Monkey Records. The single’s cover was designed by Gareth Halliday who created the artwork for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds ‘Who Built The Moon?’ LP and accompanying singles.