1. An Interview with At-Risk Youth Jammerzine Exclusive 13:56

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with At-Risk Youth. Fresh off the heals from their last single ‘Lystander’ and about to release another single, we get a glimpse of a band in a musical transition.

About At-Risk Youth

At-Risk Youth, the creative and versatile trio is Mark K. Foreman (lead vox, guitar) Ryan Hartline (drums) and Ali Belone (bass).

Foreman says, “’Lysander” is fundamentally a love song, and at the center is the concept that love is a gamble. It requires taking the plunge, taking a risk, anteing up. And like all gambles, it can work out well or poorly. But love is more than that; it’s not just money on the line, but your heart. It can require sacrificing time and pride, and it can leave you desperate, but in the end it’s worth it. It has to be.”

Foreman wrote, “Lysander” while jamming with a band he was auditioning for. He came up with the riff and chords just playing it through all at once. The lyrics were written later, and as he wrote them, the whole concept came together, from the initial nervousness to the ending desperation.