1. Memorium Softswitch 0:30
  2. Best At Art Softswitch 0:30
  3. Jupiter Machine Softswitch 0:30

Softswitch is set to drop their new eponymous EP on May 5th. A sonically brilliant and gritty wall of sound that creates a landscape of dominance and a giant f*ck you to the establishment that is the corporate music scene, Softswitch delves into territory that few can even pull off.

Exploration within a musical space can be either chaotic or inspiring, but when done right, is both of those and more. Softswitch brings that back to it’s roots with the mind of musicians and the tenacity of giants.

About Softswitch

Winnipeg’s Softswitch were drawn together by their love of noise and D.I.Y. electronics, the three piece have crafted a sonic agenda in tune with bleak nihilism of ‘90’s post-punk.

With a upcoming self titled EP recorded by Rob & Riley Hill and Drew Riekman (Mixed by Jace Lasek and Mastered by John Davis), Softswitch surges forward with challenging and punishing tracks that harken back to a time of empty warehouse performances and dive bar poets.