Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with one of the true artists in the indie scene in the form of Emily Davis. I mean true artists because we actually got to interview her on the road (literally) at the close of her solo tour..

Emily is one of those artists that totally gets it. Not one of those cookie cutter artists that sound like everyone else, Emily is an artist forging her own path on her own terms accompanied by those that share the same dream and vision. A quick listen to her latest album, ‘Living in the Past Tense’, is more than enough proof of this. Every song is signature and each track feels like it was performed by those who have lived the subjects.

And, in this interview, we talk with Emily about those ‘subjects’ as well as life on the road and what is in store for her fanbase as well as have a really good conversation. Enjoy!

About Emily Davis

Emily Davis’ folk-punk has always had an edge. Hailing from El Paso, Texas, Emily has built a solid reputation in their hometown of El Paso and around the country with their fiery performances, a series of punk cover videos on YouTube, and three soulful solo albums — No Real Destination, Dark Matter and The Worst Kind of Curse.

A new EP called Living In The Past Tense was released on June 30, 2023.