Skumlove has returned with the new single releasing today titled ‘Turbo Lover XL’ featuring Carlton Bost, Patrick Kennison & DJ Rattan. Not just a solid remake of the Judas Priest classic, consider it an anarchist’s lucid wet dream if that liquid were gasoline and that dream were a happy nightmare.

The dissonance and angst within the track are as original as it is vivid. And vivid would be a loose term because the track is simply fierce.

Skumlove is an artist who found his sound long ago. No he wants all of you to find it and never get rid of it. Because it’s ferocious originality incarnate. It’s not the original. It’s a new beast. It’s that bastard at the family reunion that hates his family but loves going to those family reunions. Listen to find out what that means.

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About Skumlove

Skumlove is a post punk dark rock band from Los Angeles California. The band has been at the forefront of the LA music scene for many years with a worldwide following. They have put out numerous independent releases as well as two full albums; Songs of Lust and Corrosion and Sinister Minister.

They combine classic punk rock ethics with a heavy rock Groove bordering on metal industrial. Never one to jump on a bandwagon but rather A band that sticks to their own ethos and play what they want. Lyrically Skumlove keeps it very tongue-in-cheek, sexually fueled with dark puns.

The band has toured and played with some of Rock’s elite artists Danzig, Ministry, Lords of Acid, CombiChrist, Type-o-Negative, prong and Static-X.

Skumlove’s Live shows take it to another level with choreographed backing singers, visuals and an IN YOUR FACE performance rarely seen these days. Skumlove has no signs of slowing down and has only gotten better with time.

If hell had a house band Skumlove would be it.

Featured image by Jim Morris.