Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with LJ & The Sleeze. Having just come out with his new video and single ‘Ain’t Easy Bein Sleezy’, we see from the start that this is an artist that really pushes the envelope. I would even say that he does that after he opens the envelope and blows smoke in it. This is the type of artist we need more of. Ever watch old reruns of ‘All In The Family’? Think they would make a show like that now? No f*cking way. This is LJ & The Sleeze. We wonder how it came to be yet we forget about that silent majority.

In this interview, we talk with the artist known as LJ & The Sleeze about that liberty that most of us cherish but rarely exercise and how he takes that liberty and makes a music career out of it. We also talk about his new video for ‘Ain’t Easy Bein Sleezy’, freedom in music and musical freedom and what lays in store for everything Sleeze.

About LJ & The Sleeze

Starting in a small basement in Richmond, VA LJ & The Sleeze is a punk rock outfit heavily influenced by New York and LA music out of the 70s and 80s. Combining distorted guitars, driven drums, and groovy bass lines LJ & The Sleeze have been cultivating a sound you’ve been looking for.

LJ & The Sleeze’s debut LP ‘Keepin’ It Sleezy’ came out summer of 2020 turning heads even with no live performances in sight. With marks of rock & roll, punk, and hip-hop LJ & The Sleeze created something truly unique while still fitting into a realm of comfort. LJ & The Sleeze’s follow up 7” ‘Put Something Sleezy Between Your Legs’ was released early summer 2021 on Eight Ball Record$. Leaning heavily on rock & roll these 4 songs all bring something different to the table while still maintaining the raw, tongue in cheek style Gottesman had cultivated prior.

As the world has opened back up from the pandemic LJ & The Sleeze, backed by Eli Gray (lead guitar), Gray Stephenson (Rhythm Guitar), Caroline Hill (Bass), and Ben Rosenstock (Drums) have been packing out venues and putting on intense in your face performances only leaving people wanting more. LJ & The Sleeze returned to the studio to rerecord all of the songs from Keepin’ It Sleezy and PSSBYL with the backing band.

With a tightness and power that had been unheard in prior recordings the songs were elevated to another level. Stay Sleezy was released on cassette by Eight Ball Record$ on 02/12/22.