Nervous Twitch has today premiered their new video for the single titled ‘History of the Wild West’ from their upcoming album ‘Some People Never Change’, dropping October 14th via Reckless Yes.

Drenched in their own style and swimming in their own originality, Nervous Twitch is one of those bands that let their creative juices filter through the collective creativity that is their musical collective. And they do it in such a way that you can spot them within the first few notes. That is a rare thing in today’s music scenes. Think about that. With almost 70 years of rock and modern American music creeping up on us, we still have the privilege of hearing bands like Nervous Twitch.

Short, sweet, and to the point, ‘History of the Wild West’ is that gateway drug to a new band and future play list with the obvious side effect being a nervous twitch.

About Nervous Twitch

Nervous Twitch—talk about a perfect band name! Listening to their fifth album, Some People Never Change, it’s hard not to notice the nervous energy of front woman Erin Hyde’s vocals. Nervous Twitch built a solid reputation for songs that bristle with punk energy, mixing a vibe that also incorporates girl group passion, post-punk angularity, and even the occasional surf guitar cool.

Some People Never Change offers up a baker’s dozen tracks that deal in attitude and the personal. “We Don’t Care” takes on critics with a snarl, “What The Hell” takes on the frustrations of modern life, while “The History of The Wild West” deals with escaping the world for a less stressful one. But it’s not all anger as an energy; “This Mad At The World” is a ballad that show you can relate your frustrations in a gorgeous, acoustic ballad. “You Never Let Me Down” is a delightful love song with a girl-group vibe, while “Forgive Yourself” offers up a meditation in self-forgiveness.

Some People Never Change is a delight of a record, one that offers up curious insight into Erin Hyde’s and Jamie Churchley’s mindset and world—but more to the point, it’s a fun listen, full of anger and hope and love and frustration and more, easily relatable to those who happen to reside on Earth circa 2022.

Some People Never Change will be released October 14, 2022 via Reckless Yes.