Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Low Phase. From Michigan to the world, we get a glimpse of what music should be becoming with what we hear from Low Phase. That music with an air of confidence and a penchant for songwriting. Just check out their songs ‘Sideline’ and their latest ‘Doctor’. Those dark hooks and bright guitars colliding into one another with the flair of future classics. Different enough to be distinct and similar enough to be signature. Made for radio while set for the stage. This is what the music scene needs more of.

And, in this interview, we talk with Caleb Waldvogel and Miles Ferguson about that magical songwriting process as well as their journey thus far.

About Low Phase

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Low Phase is a four piece, 90’s-influenced rock band with a lot to give. Led by songwriter Caleb Waldvogel, the group has been making waves in the local scene for their energetic shows and heartfelt music. Joined by siblings Marley King & Miles Ferguson and bassist John Bomer, Low Phase’s emotionally charged music is bringing new perspectives and tight grooves to the indie rock scene.