1. The Knife The Bloodstreams 4:11

The Bloodstreams are set to release their new single titled ‘The Knife’ on October 14th. Cutting exactly like a knife, the music cuts through the white noise that is modern music with a shot of retro-blasted dirt and grit through the speakers straight to your soul.

Feeling a mix of angst, nostalgia, harmony, and musical dirtiness, ‘The Knife’ sounds like a story within a dark soundscape fit for that snark in all of us.

This is what originality sounds like.

About The Bloodstreams

Born in a flash flood of writing, South East London, pre-pandemic 2019; The Bloodstreams are the architects of a glam-goth alt rock hybrid sound. Like the Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, The Beatles and the Cramps all put through a blender.

Siblings James & Jasmine forge an unwavering vocal force with bassist Danny creating searing 3 part harmonies, Nico, drumming furiously to charge the songs through every phrase and tangent; backdropping thumping bass lines, glassy guitar riffs and beatific organ & piano astride the lyrical prowess delivered with aggressive passion by the three songwriters of the group.

With 3 songs released, and a 4th imminently unleashed with their debut album to follow, The Bloodstreams are stopping at nothing and 2023 is set to be a year to put their stamp on.

About ‘The Knife’

The Knife started off as a riff based piano/bass jam with Jasmine (Keyboards/vox) having a vocal hook then Danny (Bass/Vox) expanded the idea lyrically which was essentially an expression of anxiety and claustrophobia spinning around a vision of sleep paralysis nightmares and the endless search for inner strength and acceptance as an imposter in a seemingly alien society.

The beat took on a ferocious acceleration and groove whilst James (Guitar/Vox) yields his axe shifting from melody to unorthodox screams and discordance bringing that signature Bloodstreams flavor to proceedings. Bolstered by Beatles-esque harmony arrangements and Wonder-like funk with the gothic-scented message emblazoned across the front, this was a no brainer to keep the train rolling after the previous 2 singles and a forerunner for the debut album, “How To Be A God” (coming late 2022).