Lunikk is set to release their new video and single titled ‘Speechless‘, from their upcoming album ‘Unreal City’, releasing June 10th. Ahead of that, we get not only a premiere of said video, we get an exclusive interview from a purely dynamic duo that, in my opinion, is one of the faces of the future of #indie music.

‘Speechless’ conveys that part of us all that we almost never convey but always dwell on. A slow builder to the soul with a crescendo that is classic sounding with a modern feel. Lunikk is a band that I am a personal fan of, so I may be a bit bias. But, take into account the amount of new music I listen to, I can honestly say that this is a band I seek out when I want to chill at home or need a soundtrack for my thoughts.

And, in today’s interview, we talk about ‘Speechless’ as well as everything coming up in and with Lunikk and more.

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About Lunikk

Lunikk is an Eastern European experimental pop duo created by Kristina Yordanova and Denislav Popov. They met a couple of years ago when Deni was in a rock band and Kristina was deeply deluded that music is something she doesn’t want to pursue. After many shared moments and conversations about music, they understood that their brains were chattering on the same frequency. As fate would have it, while Kristina kept a notebook with written poetry (called “Let’s live on Mars”) Deni’s band broke up, and slowly but surely the two discovered they wanted to hate and love the world together through the same melodies.

Consequently, they promised each other that there will be no compromises and that no ego can stay in the way. They built up a studio in a room at their apartment and 2 years and many cigarettes later 12 songs have been born within an imaginary world. A world that is based on the grey reality they are living in but delivered in a way anybody can relate to.

The beats and instrumentals are all done by Deni, but the vocal lines and the messages are framed by Kristina. They are very much influenced by artists such as Robert Johnson, Son House, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Muse, Coldplay, twenty one pilots, Highly Suspect, Lorde, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Imagine Dragons, and many, many more. Their name comes from the Bulgarian word for “Moon”.

Featured image by Ina Boyadzhieva.