Lunikk has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Violet Hour’. While I did not get an epileptic seizure, I did get an epiphany. Lunikk are rapidly becoming trend setters. Having recently and deservedly been signed to Cleopatra Records, Lunikk are far from the start yet far from over. That magical moment when an artist’s career has ascended into the stratosphere yet there is plenty of sky left to traverse. This is what makes Lunikk one of my favorite artists and, frankly, running Jammerzine so worth the effort.

‘Violet Hour’ is a sonically captivating piece of music blanketed in originality while setting a standard for this decade. This is what I feel music is, or should be, becoming. That symbiosis between Lunikk’s Kristina Yordanova and Denny Popov is astounding as they meld and mesh their individual styles into a singular feeling and lucid type of music that is easy to appreciate and hard to ignore.

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About Lunikk & ‘Violet Hour’

Lunikk is an Eastern-European experimental-pop duo created by Kristina Yordanova and Denny Popov. After meeting a couple of years ago, Denny was in a rock band and Kristina was deeply deluded that music is something she doesn’t want to pursue. After many shared moments and conversations about music, they understood that their brains were chattering at the same frequency. As fate would have it, while Kristina kept a notebook with written poetry (called “Let’s live on Mars”) Denny’s band broke up, and slowly but surely the two discovered they wanted to hate and love the world together through the same melodies.

Consequently, they promised each other that there will be no compromises and that no ego can stay in the way. They built up a studio in a room at their apartment and 2 years and many cigarettes later, their imaginary world started to shape itself. A world that is based on the grey reality they are living in but delivered in a way anybody can relate to. The beats and instrumentals are all done by Denny, but the vocal lines and the messages are framed by Kristina. Influenced by artists such as Robert Johnson, Son House, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Muse, Coldplay, Twenty One pilots, Lorde, and Billie Eilish, to name a few. Their name comes from the Bulgarian word for “Moon”.

The duo are set to release their brand-new single ‘Violet Hour’ on the 20th of January via Cleopatra Records alongside a colorful and psychedelic music video. Speaking on the track, the band commented: “Violet Hour is for people who like to stay in their melancholy for longer sometimes because it brings them peace and comfort.”