1. An Interview with Mercy Music Jammerzine Exclusive 29:51

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Brendan Scholz, vocalist and guitarist with Mercy Music, as well as their new album ‘What You Stand To Lose’, also releasing today (June 30th).

The new album  ‘What You Stand To Lose’ is more than a solid collection of tracks, each one is seamlessly branded with hook and riffs fit for a fanbase and meant for your mind. Harmonic and full sounding guitars collide with beautiful chord progressions steeped in musical history yet immersed in originality. A soundtrack for what life has to throw at you.

And, in today’s interview, we talk with Brendan about ‘What You Stand To Lose’ and all things Mercy from their beginnings to the future while we gently delve into the state of today’s music. Enjoy.

 ‘What You Stand To Lose’

About ‘What You Stand To Lose’

The title of their upcoming album (What You Stand To Lose) refers to the many monumental changes in vocalist and guitarist Brendan Scholz personal life since it was “flipped upside down” between this album and their last (2020’s Nothing in the Dark), “What You Stand To Lose is about coming face to face with one of your worst fears, learning from the experience, and hoping you come out the other side a better person,” he says.

Over the course of these 11 tracks the band (Brendan, who penned all the songs; bassist Jarred Cooper; and drummer Rye Martin) find inspiration in the fact that nothing should be taken for granted, no time should be wasted, and there is everything in the world to lose by not collectively fighting hard enough to succeed. They mostly sound downright happy so long as you don’t listen too closely to the lyrics. Jarred adds, “When people listen to our new album, I want them to feel happy, sad, inspired, and depressed. Then I want them to feel happy again. That last part is critically important.”

When all is said and done, Brendan, Jarred, and Rye are just good people who care a whole lot about the people who depend on them – all three of them are devoted fathers, the latter two to very young children – and they also care a whole lot about the people who turn to Mercy Music for solace.

Featured image by Corlene Machine.

Live Dates

June 16 – Long Beach, CA @ Supply and Demand
June 17 – Los Angeles, CA @ Permanent Records Roadhouse
June 28 – Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room
June 29 – Costa Mesa, CA @ The Wayfarer
June 30 – San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar
July 2 – San Francisco, CA @ The Kilowatt