1. An Interview with Nick Cove Jammerzine Exclusive 32:11

Nick Cove & The Wandering have officially released their new single titled ‘This Is Where I Hide’ off of their upcoming album titled ‘Harbinger’. And, in addition to bringing it to all of you readers, we have an exclusive interview with the man behind the music himself, Nick Cove.

Nick is one of those musicians who wears his heart on his sleeve and lets his music tell the tales of his life in a way that is not only original and creative in the ‘end product’, but in the recording and execution of each track. The album as a whole is a continuous string of stories varied in styles and woven together like a book that you can’t put down. We get a taste of that in this interview.

‘This Is Where I Hide’ is but a preview of things to come from Nick and his Wandering. The song is a lush and vivid soundscape of beautifully toned guitars and avid vocals mixed with a solid rhythm section.

Listen to the song then check out our interview above to get the methods behind the mind. Enjoy!

Let’s talk about your latest release; how did it come to be, what inspired it, what was the recording/writing process like?

While in college, I had a collection of songs that didn’t fit with the project I was working on then. These songs were more chord/singer-songwriter based and I didn’t think they would fit sonically. Maybe 5 years after that, I finally doubled down and decided to record them under the moniker ‘Nick Cove & The Wandering’. “This Is Where I Hide” was originally written and performed with just acoustic guitar and vocals, but I had always heard it with a full band arrangement.

Recording “This Is Where I Hide” and all of the other songs on the upcoming record were all written like that, so recording these songs was really pretty easy. The arrangement, dynamics, and flow of the song were already set in stone, so it was pretty easy to direct the studio musicians and recording engineer on what I wanted.

Any favorite artists of the last couple of years that you dig who are more underground that people need to hear about?

I don’t know how underground he is considered anymore, but Noah Gundersen has been someone I’ve been into. The bands Worries, Cave Paint, Sleepy Limbs, and My Familiar deserve some loving as well.

We have to ask, how are you coping with everything going on in the world right now?

I appreciate you asking! I’m coping well with everything. Following safety protocols, staying inside, making more music, the usual. When I do get out, I try to go hiking or at least walking so I don’t go stir crazy. It’s hard for me to be bored, so I don’t think becoming stir crazy will be an issue.

About Nick Cove & The Wandering

Rooted in Lancaster, PA, Nick Cove & The Wandering intertwines the careful finesse of the singer-songwriter genre and Nick Cove’s deep roots in the 90’s era grunge, Nick Cove & The Wandering creates a dynamic soundscape ranging from quiet and personal refrains to the colossal and epic choruses. Nick Cove rips into an acoustic guitar, crooning away while sharing space with keyboardist Joe Mancinelli to create a beautiful array of electronic and natural whimsy. Finally, bassist John Halfpenny and drummer Trevor Kiscadden lay down the bedrock that is The Wandering’s rhythm section.

Nick Cove & The Wandering’s debut release, ‘Harbinger’, showcases a different approach to songwriting than Nick is typically used to playing. Every song started as a solo acoustic and vocal creation, but as time went on, the songs transformed into something far greater. From explosive drums and vehement guitars to elegant strings and cacophonous pianos, ‘Harbinger ‘ creates a dynamic atmosphere that ebbs and flows with the tide; giant, black waves to calm, tranquil swells.

Nick Cove & The Wandering plans to do some regional touring in the coming months while continuing to write new music and gain new fans.

Featured image by Rachel Franklin.