Anacarina has dropped her new single titled ‘Grave’ as of today. Pop now has a purpose again with a valued look into the complications of love. We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that second-guessing and self-doubt that are beautifully chronicled within ‘Grave’ lyrically. The lyrics could be considered a poem, in my opinion. They are beautiful and to-the-point beyond the typical metaphorical sense often found in tracks like this. But what makes this song shine is beyond the lyrics. It’s the lush combination of Anacarina vivid and soulful vocals with the varied and precisely mixed musical arrangement, which is done with the creativity and soul usually found in major label artists. Gorgeous.

About Anacarina

Anacarina was born in Houston, TX, and grew up in The Woodlands, just north of Houston. As a toddler, she was mesmerized by opera stars Andrea Bocelli and Sara Brightman. She was intuitive and artistic with a big imagination. From a young age, she took to drawing and writing poetry and short stories. In 6th grade, she remembers getting in trouble for doodling on all her paperwork and filling her school spirals with song lyrics.

She migrated to writing on her hands and bits of paper that she’d collected in her pocket. On a road trip, singing along to music with her younger sister and mother, Anacarina felt truly drawn to be a professional singer. Around that time, Anacarina and her sister, Lorelei, created numerous videos for a YouTube channel where Anacarina took on a variety of comical personalities, which sparked an interest in acting as well as singing. She began guitar lessons at age 13 and formed a band with her friends to perform her original songs. They played at local shops and cafes. She began recording her first studio Album “Soot Covered Soul” in 2015 at the age of 17, which was followed by several single and music video releases.

She takes pride in designing most of the cover art and graphics for her music. She also has designed covers for other upcoming artists. Her new EP was recorded in Nashville, and she moved to California in 2018. She continues to write new music and is always eager to get into the studio.