Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with a legend of loud in the form of Sahaj Ticotin from the rock band Ra. As the world cautiously opens up and the venues begin to fill, Ra are set to take their music on the road with fellow acts Awake At Last, REDDSTAR, September Mourning, Any Given Sin and Killakoi on select dates. The tour begins this Friday (August 20th) (dates & ticket info below).

In this interview we talk with Sahaj about the new tour and their latest album, ‘Intercorrupted’, Ra’s musical history and where Ra is headed musically.

Ra is a band that, in my opinion, came out at the right time. I remember the late ’90s. I also remember, it was getting a bit boring in regards to music. Ra was my ‘Holy Sh*t!’ moment. That glorious mix of middle eastern and modern western that is ‘Do You Call My Name‘ made me play the guitar in front of my stereo again. Their genre-redefining at the turn of the century turned the century into a place that could survive creatively. ‘Intercorrupted’ is a continuation of such and sees the band take a more accessible and melodic approach. Where could the band be headed next? Actually, there is an answer in the interview.

Watch and enjoy!

About Ra

Formed in 1996, Ra took off in 2002, when their song “Do You Call My Name” from their album From One was released. Their music was described as “exotic yet familiar, heavy yet funky, direct yet sophisticated, sensual yet soulful, unrelenting yet cathartic.”

The band is known for their hit songs “Do You Call My Name,” “Fallen Angels,” “Don’t Turn Away,” and “Broken Hearted Soul.” To date, Ra has sold 400,000+ albums in North America alone.

In the 8 years since Ra’s last studio release (2013’s Critical Mass), Sahaj has been hard at work replicating the formula for his success by producing other artists while the rest of the band has pursued independent projects; however, collectively, they feel now is the time for a comeback. What makes the timing so special is that all original members of the band will be together again to not only create the new album, but tour it as well. After a very successful re-emergence on 2020’s Shiprocked, the band has again tapped into the fan based that sustained them all these years.

About ‘Intercorrupted’

Ra released their new album, ‘Intercorrupted’, via Wake Up! Music Rocks on March 19, 2021. The album has guest features from Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust and Dustin Bates of Starset.

The band is hitting the road with the two runs announced for August and November.

Prior to the release of the album, the first single of the albums same name debuted in October 2020.

RA are:
  • Sahaj Tictotin – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Ben Carroll – lead guitar
  • P.J. Farley – bass
  • Skoota Warner – drums

Featured image by Chet Atkins/Sweetwater Studios.