In this episode of The Week in #Indie we feature exclusive interviews with Sahaj Ticotin from Ra, Paul Holden, and Spacette. Plus new music, videos, and premieres from Seether, Glenn Hodge Banned, Sour Ops, Jamilla & The Other Hereos, Jasmine Thakral, Me, I’m Counting, and Monica Aben.

About Ra

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with a legend of loud in the form of Sahaj Ticotin from the rock band Ra. As the world cautiously opens up and the venues begin to fill, Ra are set to take their music on the road with fellow acts Awake At LastREDDSTARSeptember MourningAny Given Sin and Killakoi on select dates. The tour begins this Friday (August 20th) (dates & ticket info HERE).

In this interview we talk with Sahaj about the new tour and their latest album, ‘Intercorrupted’, Ra’s musical history and where Ra is headed musically.

Ra is a band that, in my opinion, came out at the right time. I remember the late ’90s. I also remember, it was getting a bit boring in regards to music. Ra was my ‘Holy Sh*t!’ moment. That glorious mix of middle eastern and modern western that is ‘Do You Call My Name‘ made me play the guitar in front of my stereo again. Their genre-redefining at the turn of the century turned the century into a place that could survive creatively. ‘Intercorrupted’ is a continuation of such and sees the band take a more accessible and melodic approach. Where could the band be headed next? Actually, there is an answer in the interview.


About Paul Holden

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with UK artist Paul Holden. With the new release of his EP titled ‘Say It To The Sun’, Paul enters a new chapter in his musical career.

The EP, ‘Say It To The Sun’, is a perfect gateway drug for those looking for new and original music. Paul has a style that is a lucid combination or rock and pop with hints of electronica. The power, though, is the songwriting. The songs are solid. Hooks and memorable melodies throughout, each song has its own signature that everyone can pick a favorite from.

In this interview, we talk to Paul about his new EP and how he came to be in the #indie music scene.


About Spacette

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Spacette. As a bonus, we may also have the very first review of their new EP ‘You Don’t Have To Rise To Shine’.

No copy and paste premieres here, folks! Why did I say that? Because bands and artists put their hearts and souls into these tracks and they deserve the best promotion they can get. And this is none more evident than in Spacette. As you will hear in the interview, this artist brought back precious memories I didn’t realize I had. They have that sound. That sound of home. Lazy summer days of childhood I thought once gone relived to a new soundtrack to those memories. ‘120 Minutes’ on MTV with that goth girl I wanted as a girlfriend.

Those songs I thought I just heard I now listen to because of Spacette. They have this style that, while all their own, take what I love to the next level. Every song is as much orchestrated as it is recorded. Written from the heart and that heart is on their sleeves. Melodic harmonies carefully laid over breezy tracks with a style that was long ago realized but still getting honed.

In this interview we talk with Spacette’s Jordan Heimburger about said music as well as the beginnings, future plans and more.


About Seether

Seether has released their new video for the track titled ‘Wasteland’, from their EP ‘Wasteland – The Purgatory EP ‘ & ‘Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum’.

Visually desolate and sonically cinematic and droning, Seether again shows their longevity with that signature sound that literally spans decades. The drone that I love is that unique chord progression fitting just under that weary vocal set that gives a feeling. That feeling can be unique to each of us but, to me, its a subtle mix of dread and longing. That part of me I keep to myself. I don’t know if that is the effect that Seether wants but its what I get. And that’s enough to keep me interested.

The video features snake wrangler and conservationist Danielle Wall, along with The National frontman Matt Berninger’s brother Tom Berninger.

Shot amongst ruins of desert homes near Joshua Tree, lead singer Shaun Morgan explains: “We were trying to figure out how to make some kind of statement about the evils of social media and it evolved from one idea to the video it is now. After spending such a long period of time without any kind of personal contact with the other band members, the live performance element was especially important to us – it was good for us mentally and emotionally, but it was also important to visually show that we’ve come out the other side after such a difficult time.”

Seether is set to release their new compilation titled ‘Vicennial – 2 Decades of Seether’ on October 15th via Craft Recordings.


About Glenn Hodge Banned

Glenn Hodge Banned will release his new album titled ‘The Long Run’ this Friday (August 20th). At that first listen, ‘Long Run’ gives the impression of an alt-folk with a tinge of soul, but when you go deeper, you find that Glenn may be one of the last troubadours. He has a keen sense of the music of the past, but he makes that, and more, his own. I would maybe compare him to early Bob Dylan. Not in style but in career milestones. He is at the beginning of his own long run. We get a span of emotions and stories that he lived through each track while being told through the mind and heart of a musical poet.


About Sour Ops

Sour Ops has premiered their new single titled ‘Now You’re Gone’. More than a typical pop song, Sour Ops (aka Price Harrison), has a penchant for framing the hook and surrounding it with melody. Almost a throwback to the songwriters of old, ‘Now You’re Gone’ takes a modern spin with strings and a buildup of instrumentation to take the listener on a ride through a piece of the artist’s life. Short but sweet, now its gone. Good thing the play button is back.


About Jamila and the Other Heroes

Jamila & The Other Heroes have released their new video for the track titled ‘Border Syndrome احلام بلا حدود’. As if written, produced, and released as divine intervention, this video could not have come out at a better time. The rights of freedom are being tested once again around the world to different degrees, and Jamila & the Other Heroes are just that; heroes. For saying what they say and putting it to music. This song and video are an anthem and a statement.

Musically, this is sonic art. Global in sound and universal in spectrum, ‘Border Syndrome احلام بلا حدود’ isn’t a cry for freedom, its an announcement. It is coming. Peacefully. Inevitably. Beautifully.


About Jasmine Thakral

Jasmine Thakral has premiered her new video for the track titled ‘Running in a Haze’. Coming off as a lazy summer song there is a deeper essence just under the surface. That feeling of longing and loneliness brought on by the lockdown has hit us all. Lucky, though, that there has been a steady stream of creativity coming out of the #indie scene as a result. ‘Running in a Haze’ is the latest. Making its own mark of such, the song, and visualizer, bring a calmness and a realization that we’ve all been through a lot. But what makes us survive is our introspection. Our ‘staring into the abyss and we find ourselves’ realization. Jasmine personifies that with her beautiful voice and steadfastly stoic track. Bravo.


About Me, I’m Counting

Me, I’m Counting has released his new EP titled ‘MACAU’. While the titled track builds that slow grind of musical suspense it drives forth into what you would think to expect of ‘MACAU’ the EP. What you actually find, however, is a set of distinctive soundscapes showcasing different parts of the mind. Is it the mind of Nick (a.k.a. Me, I’m Counting)? Is it what your mind is interpreting? That’s the beauty of music. It’s, in the end, inside the mind of the listener. ‘MACAU’ is an electronic jazz session. A free-for-all with you having a front row seat. Sonic theater for the soul set to various b.p.m.s and mood sets. Get out of it what you will. That will say more about you.


About Monica Aben

Monica Aben has premiered her new video for the track titled ‘Kids in LA’. time makes the heart grow fonder. I totally get what Monica was saying here. Being a child of the 80s I can’t help but watch ‘Knight Rider’ every time it comes on. Or getting a box of Nerds just for the memories. Monica puts this to music that is as fond as it is memorable itself. Monster hook and anthemic growl compliment Monica’s gorgeous and earnest vocals talking about times gone by and the abyss that is a memory. This makes us forever young.


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