1. An Interview with Simha Jammerzine Exclusive 29:41

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with the rising artist known as Simha. We get to talk with Simha about his music, in particular, his new EP titled ‘After So Long // बरसों बाद’. A truly cathartic and introverted look into the self and the world around us done in such a way as only an original artist can do.

We talk with Simha about ‘After So Long // बरसों बाद’ as well as that special journey that all artists go through. That magic moment when the music is becoming defined and the artist is becoming refined.

About Simha

Simha creates worldly and modern Soul/Jazz. Experiencing the intersection of different cultures in the SF Bay Area, Simha grew up with an ear for both western and eastern musical influences. Sonic waves from North Indian Classical music to Jazz, he introduces a new element of discovery for his listeners. Expressing his heart and energy with lush soul harmonies and ethereal textures, Simha hopes to help claim space for Queer Bipoc artists in the jazz-leaning side of the industry.

Simha’s upcoming EP, After So Long // बरसों बाद, is an aural experience that tells a story of becoming reacquainted with oneself. Weaving through topics of anxiety, intergenerational trauma, and self acceptance, Simha color’s the EP with his signature background vocal layering, ethereal production qualities, and neo-genre fusion. Carrying thematic motifs that can be heard melodically, lyrically, and harmonically, Simha repurposes and recycles many elements of the project. Nearing the end of the EP, Simha approaches the last track to hint at what might come after the project.

As Simha moves forward with the growth of his music career, he hopes to draw inspiration from a rapidly changing world. With a new EP in the books, He hopes to break certain habits that became the norm in his creative process. Introducing new variables and approaches, Simha hopes to shake things up while still holding true to his signature sound.