1. An Interview with A Fitting Revenge Jammerzine Exclusive 1:01:47

A Fitting Revenge has today released their new album titled ‘Omnipresence’. In addition to that, we have an exclusive interview with band member Ledwing (guitar, vocals).

Ledwing gives us an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse at both ‘Omnipresence’ as well as everything that makes A Fitting Revenge what it is.

The album, ‘Omnipresence’, is an album born from concept and bred in originality. Take from that what you will, but we have a group of master musicians seamlessly mixing djent, prog, metal, rock, with pop-ish hook undertones paying homage to influence and respect to originality.

I am beyond excited to let this album loose on the ears of our listeners and metal fans all over the world. We took a scalpel to our sound, recording process, and technique as well as breaking our influences down to the bare atoms to deliver something that we could listen to on repeat. If the songs didn’t make us want to destroy our furniture, they were executed from the track list. Fans of melodic death metal, catchy choruses, screamed vocals, shredding, and sci-fi lyrics will absolutely devour this record.


About A Fitting Revenge

Breaking onto the metal scene on April Fool’s Day of 2012, A Fitting Revenge is an aggressive jab to the frontal lobe of Melodic Death Metal.

Hailing from Rochester, NY, the band is rooted in eclectic influences, and deeply motivated by a laser-like songwriting focus. A Fitting Revenge is launching their punishing and epic SciFi metal storytelling directly to the masses.