Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Mike Peters, frontman for the legendary band The Alarm. Also today we see the released of ‘Forwards’, The Alarm’s new album.

An album featuring ten songs of love, loss, and moving forwards. All written by an artist who is a true survivor. You will find something you love about each of these songs as well. Mike has, even though he has been writing songs his whole life, keeps getting remarkably better with each album while retaining that signature sound that he has consistently honed.

And, in this exclusive interview, we talk with Mike about those musical attributes as well as the new album and his upcoming plans with The Alarm.

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About The Alarm

The Alarm has been steered for over 40 creative years by Mike Peters. With 23 studio albums, over five million albums sold, and 17 Top 50 UK singles, Peters and The Alarm have created quite a sizable and dedicated fanbase that spans decades and continents.

Reflecting on the past year and the promise of new music and live shows (the band plays two shows at New York City’s Gramercy Theater in June 2023), Peters adds, “I literally focused my entire being on being able to walk out of the hospital on my own two feet and not in a wheelchair or with assistance. It’s what kept me positive and determined to regain a complete recovery.”