1. Forwards Kava Kava 0:30
  2. Everything Kava Kava 0:30
  3. Rise Above Kava Kava 0:30
  4. Forwards (Jon Kennedy remix) Kava Kava 0:30
  5. Forwards (Lex Loofah remix) Kava Kava 0:30
  6. Forwards (SXSW promo CD mix) Kava Kava 0:30

Kava Kava will release their new EP titled ‘Forwards’ on April 2nd. Pat Fulgoni is one of those original artists whose music is all over the map stylistically. And that is something this new decade needs more than ever to break from the mundane and ‘assembly line’ music that we are now accustomed to.

Having said that, with ‘Forwards’, we get a multi-faceted anthem to the lockdown as well as two diverse remixes of the title track. Each song has that massive hook that we expect yet never predict. That seamless blend of dance, decadence, and rock that appears easy for Kava but hard to achieve in reality. This is a compilation for musicians made by professionals. Enjoy!

About Kava Kava

Kava Kava are a Rock, Dance, Soul, Psychedelic UK festival act from Huddersfield. Toured China, USA, and Europe. Featuring the vocals of Pat Fulgoni who has a large dance music track record including as a Hospital Records singer with artists like London Elektricity, Camo & Krooked, also Technimatic, dub masters Zion Train, Jeff Buckley collaborator Gary Lucas to name a few.

Pat croons alongside guitars, electronica, brass, strings, and beats. He plays the trumpet at the end. Always reinventing the band has tunes in popular TV series such as Dirt, John From Cincinnati, Weeds, etc, films incl Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down, games Stoked and Tap Tap Revenge!

“should be on every funk and disco playlist, period!….. Love it!”
(DJ Magazine)

“gorgeous new psychedelic funk”

“party-worthy music combining rock, funk, dance, and soul. Pat Fulgoni could sing a pearl from its oyster”

“quietly pricking the ears of the international music community with their rollicking psychedelic dance….look out!”