The BellRays from Riverside, California have always been anchored by the team of Bob Vennum and Lisa Kekaula. They continually surround themselves with top notch cohorts to bring their vision of punk, funk, rock and soul to the world.

Since forming in 1990, The BellRays has been strictly following the DIY-ethos, not only the consistent part of punk-rock element of their creativity, but also, an important and integral element of band’s ethos.

Ahead of the upcoming tour-dates with Social Distortion and their newest LP, The BellRays have chosen the perfect time to get their legacy of recordings together in one place. Fifteen releases from The BellRays and their associated projects would be available from Sweet Gee Records digitally on all the streaming platforms. “Having our entire catalogue and future works under one roof is a dream we never really thought would happen.” According to Lisa Kekaula: “We feel a huge relief and a renewed sense of purpose when we look at all these releases together in one spot. We are literally living in the soundtrack of our lives. The BellRays have always been associated with being DIY, now having Sweet Gee Records makes the administration part of that as solid as the music has always been. Sweet Gee has brought us sweet relief”.

The entire catalog of The BellRays is available HERE.

Sweet Gee Records
Sweet Gee Records

The Upcoming Titles Would Include

The BellRays

Self-titled LP(originally 1990)

“The freshman recording recorded at the band’s inception before Bob and I really knew who we were. Additional songwriters and originally only ever available on cassette. A true find. This is the start of the journey with Bob on guitar and me on the mic.”

The BellRays

In The Light of the Sun

“Closer than we were with the first this follow-up got us into unchartered territory and got us looking toward a heavier sound. Production on the safe side with strong songs. We have found the path.”

The BellRays

Let It Blast

“We have arrived at our point of punk-rock-soul. Bob moves to bass to lay it down for the band. This was recorded on a Sansui six-track cassette recorded after all our funds were useless after a all our studio sessions were ruined by rats in the wall (true story). Recorded over months in a 15’ x 15’ storage unit a Van Buren Self Storage. You can feel the energy in every breath, break and drop of sweat.”

The BellRays

Grand Fury

“Recorded in 1999 at 909 Studios in Riverside, CA. DIY and done with 8 tracks on the cheap. These songs are hot fun and unforgettable. So is the cover for the most part. This really bookended this time with Ray Chin on the drums.”

The BellRays

The Red White and Black

“By the time this came out we had traveled the world a couple times and really wanted to do something special. We were still broke with no label (giving us money to record) so this effort pushed Bob Vennum and Tony Fate to the max. It is a stellar record that allowed us to keep going.”

The BellRays

Raw Collection Vols 1 & 2

“Volume 1 came out in 2002 on vinyl in the USA by our all-time supporters John Walsh and Julie McKnight on Upper Cut Records. It’s a collection of all of our vinyl 7”’s up to that moment. By the time we were asked to do this on CD for Love To Art in Spain we had several more cuts to add to this gem, hence the second volume.”

The BellRays

Have A Little Faith

“Cheap Lullaby Records graciously supported us for this record. The title track is a tune that had appeared on a few records we did before and we wanted to really try to live in that soul element equal time with the heavy. First recording with Craig Waters on drums even though he’d been with us since 2003. This is the last record with Tony Fate.”

The BellRays

Hard Sweet and Sticky

“Back to Bob on guitar we make our way bringing back some older tunes that never got a proper chance and don’t regret it. Our first proper production team Heros and Villians help us craft the most delicious sounding record to date. The title was all about what we wanted… and we got that.”

The BellRays

Merry Xmas, Heart The BellRays

“The is a do-over of two Xmas records “A Vital Gesture Xmas” which was a compilation and a short EP we had done as a give-away. My heart is always warmed by the number of people that tell me they absolutely love this record anytime of the year.”


Bob and Lisa

“The two of us doing what we started out doing. Guitar and vocals. Some of it in the studio and some of it recorded LIVE in Paris. Some old gems and new favs.”

The BellRays

Black Lightning

“This record was recorded on the one day off that Slash had at the studio we were fortunate enough to know the amazing Matt Rad who produced this beauty. Everything came together to make this record come into existence and be the piece of perfection that it is. Bob wrote a lot and I helped a little. We really found our sound with this recording.”

Lisa and The Lips

Lisa and The Lips

“Writer’s block and line-up changes in The BellRays completely inspired how this band came to be. 8-piece soul-funk band based in Spain and too much fun to believe. It helped us find out how far we could find The BellRays in whatever we do.”

The BellRays


“A couple failed recording sessions for the follow-up to Black Lightning gave us a quicky idea to tour from. This collection of cover songs also has a few guest artists like Wayne Kramer and Dallas Frasca. This record made me feel like a child again just at the right time.”

The BellRays

Punk Funk Rock Soul – V1

“With Craig Waters and Justin Andres back in the fold the demos were hot enough to cut so we did. This was a time of long-awaited musing, waiting for it to happen and it finally did. We found a hot spot to be in again and wanted to do two 7” records but did this killer EP instead holding true to the title.”

The BellRays

Punk Funk Rock Soul – V2

“This was a bookend to the search that Punk Funk Rock Soul was for us. We sought to define that what we do is still undefinable and not comparable to anything but what we decide to do. This collection of songs is more map taking us to the blues and rock and kirtan and roadhouse. This record was a gratitude that we still could find the music and lyrics that make us love what we do.”

Featured image by Gilles Simon.